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A delivery truck arrives at the Quartermaine Mansion and Olivia becomes excited because it is her pizza oven. Ned wonders if cook knows about this, but Olivia never called cook to hire her back. Later, Olivia returns fuming because Monica hired one of the old cooks back and she’s been completely locked out of the kitchen. Ned gets an idea and makes some calls about acquiring a business through ELQ. He tells Olivia he has something big in mind for the both of them.

Michael-Nelle-Moroco-GH-ABC Michael and Nelle arrive in Morocco. When Michael takes selfies of them together to post to the net, she suggests he cool it for a bit. She admits she isn’t a fan of social media and photos, which he is shocked by because she’s so beautiful. Nelle admits there are some photos of her that she’d rather forget.

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Felicia talks with Bobbie at the Metro Court and tells her that one of her contacts has found something on Nelle. Elsewhere, Nathan meets with Amy, who says her publisher Quinn is here and wants to meet with them. They go up to Quinn’s room, and Felicia catches them leaving together. Back at the bar, Bobbie informs Carly that Felicia may have info for them on Nelle, but Carly doesn’t want to know it. The two argue, and Carly says she has decided to let Michael live his own life and let him make his own mistakes. Carly orders her mom to drop it and leaves. Nathan-Amy-man-lan-GH-ABC Up in Quinn’s room, Quinn reveals the company wants to have Ask Man Landers as the focus of their publishing party, which means meeting the fans and tons of press. Quinn says it is time for Ask Man Landers to come out. Nathan spills his coffee on his shirt and says he never agreed to that, but Quinn says he did and it’s in the contract. She has to rush to another meeting, but says if he doesn’t appear at the party then the book deal is void.

Maxie-returns-Felicia-GH-ABC Maxie arrives at The Floating Rib and surprises Felicia. She reveals she is home for good. Felicia brings up Nathan, who Maxie hasn’t told she is back yet because she wanted to surprise him. Maxie realizes something is bothering her mother, so Felicia admits she’s seen Nathan with Amy a lot, including getting into an elevator together at the Metro Court thirty minutes ago. Maxie leaves, and later Felicia gets a call from her contact, who sends her what he’s found on Nelle. Bobbie walks in and tells Felicia that Carly wants to drop the investigation. A shocked Felicia, looking at her phone, suggests they rethink that because Nelle was involved in a murder.

Andre runs into Sam at Perks and asks if she’s been having anymore fears about her husband being in danger. Sam reveals after today she won’t have to worry. He offers his services in case she wants to talk to him at any time.

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Sonny-meeting-GH-ABC Sonny and Jason go to the meeting with the five families in a warehouse. Sonny informs them that he is retiring and that he will split his territory between them, but his legit business will stay with him. His price is to have his and Jason’s families protected, along with taking care of Max and some of his other associates. They agree to his terms. Max shows the families out, and Jason tells Sonny that made the right decision.

Jason meets with Sam at Perks, and she tells him about her run in with Andre and that he suggested she come in for a few sessions. Sam has realized she’s been afraid a lot lately, and that isn’t her. Jason promises her that he and Sonny are out of the business, so she doesn’t have to worry anymore. Jason gives Sonny a call, and when he doesn’t answer, a worried Jason decides to check on him.

Back at the warehouse, the head of the Russian family, Petro, takes Max hostage and warns Sonny if he tries anything then Max is dead. He orders Sonny to hand over his gun, so Sonny does so. Petro informs Sonny if he thought he’d walk away alive then he’s stupid. Petro plans to take over Sonny’s entire territory, but Jason walks in with his gun drawn and orders Petro to drop his. Sam bursts in, and Jason dives in front of her as Petro shoots. Jason is struck in the chest.

At the Metro Court, Amy looks over the contracts as Nathan cleans his shirt and discovers the publisher reserved the right to have Nathan make appearances. Amy swears they’ll figure this out. Nathan suggests they get out of here. In the hall Amy tells Nathan, who is buttoning his shirt, that this will always be their secret. A spying Maxie confronts Nathan with a slap across the face.

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