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Sam-Julian-news At Sam’s place, Sam tells Kristina she can’t go out with her tonight, and suggests she ask someone else. As she shows Kristina out, Alexis arrives. Alexis tells Sam about Julian’s sentence, and his hope that Alexis would forget him and move on. The two argue about whether Alexis can do that.

Sonny-business-GH-ABC Lucy meets Sonny at Perks and lets him know that she’s got multiple offers on his restaurant. She heads off, and Sonny spots Jason and invites him to join him. Sonny informs Jason that he’s called a meeting of the five families to lay out the ground rules on his retirement. Jason worries that Sonny is going into the meeting alone, but Sonny assures him that he has it covered.

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Griffin-Ava-mask-GH-ABC Griffin and Ava head back to her place, where Ava breaks the tension by making jokes about her appearance. Griffin doesn’t find her jokes funny and believes she’s trying to drive him away. He asks if it is so hard to accept that he cares about her, or that anyone would. Ava doesn’t want pity, but he feels only compassion, which is only human. Ava cracks a Tiny Tim joke and says, “And God bless us, everyone.” They laugh, and she thinks she’ll need to find new jokes if she takes Valentin up on his offer. Griffin asks what he’s offering. She explains his offer, and Griffin warns her to be careful with him. Griffin gets a call he has to take, and Ava daydreams about being with the doctor.

Jake excitedly helps Franco move his boxes into Liz’s place. The boy suggests they put up one of his paintings, and pulls out the one Franco did of his imaginary best friend. Jake thinks it is perfect for their house because it is about brothers. Franco explains what the painting is about, and Jake wonders if Franco misses his imaginary friend. Franco doesn’t because he as real friends now. Liz sends the boy to bed, and Franco finds an envelope in one of his boxes containing pictures of two little boys.

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Scott-Carly-news-Julian-GH-ABC Carly finds Scott knocking drinks back at the Metro Court bar. She is thrilled to learn Julian got twenty years in Pentonville. Lucy walks up and glows about how well her business is going. Scott thinks Lee would be proud of her, and hands her a letter that Gail sent him. It’s for her, which Lee left Lucy in his will. Lucy reads the letter, in which Lee thanks her for being there for Scott and Dominique when they were in such need, and encloses the deed to his offices in Port Charles. Lucy has a good feeling that she is going to be number one. Scott says she already is to him. Meanwhile, Carly meets up with Sonny and tells him the news about Julian. She breaks the champagne out as Alexis walks in on the phone with Diane, who can’t meet up with her. Alexis assumes they are celebrating Julian being put behind bars, and confronts them. Sonny doesn’t want to fight with her, but reminds her that Julian did a lot of damage that can’t be repaired. Carly assures Alexis she’s better off without Julian, whether she realizes it or not. Carly and Sonny vacate their table, and Alexis looks at the bottle of champagne.

Kristina-Val-lesbian-night-GH-ABC Kristina meets up with Valerie at The Floating Rib and thanks her for coming out. Valerie quickly wonders where all the men are, and asks if Kristina brought her to lesbian night. Kristina apologizes because she needed a wing woman and she’s never been to a gay anything before. Valerie is down with it and scopes out some women for Kristina. She ends up spotting Parker, who Kristina says is her ex. Parker walks over to make small talk, until another woman pulls her away because the pool table is free. Valerie asks Kristina about Parker, and Kristina gives her the short version of their history. To make Parker jealous, Valerie lays a kiss on Kristina. She bets Parker, whose eyes bug out, regrets dumping Kristina now.

Jason returns home as Alexis heads out to meet with Diane. Sam tells him about Julian’s sentence, and hopes her mother will put this behind her and move on with her life. Jason tells Sam about his run in with Sonny and his plans to get out of the mob. Sam fears this might not work out for Sonny, and tells Jason that he has to go with Sonny as backup. Sam believes this way they can both leave that line of work in a position in strength and protect their new lives. Jason calls Sonny to tell him that he’s going with him to his meeting tomorrow.

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