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Valentin is at the Crimson office, eager to get an answer from Nina. She agrees to have dinner with him so he leaves. Nina calls in Nelle and sends her to get her some cocktail dresses. She needs to look better than she ever has. Nelle brings in the dresses but they aren’t good enough. A problem comes in from Morocco because a photographer got ‘handsy’ with the models. Nina tells Nelle they are going to Marrakesh but then remembers her dinner with Valentin.

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Ned and Michael argue about ELQ-GH-ABCOn the Quartermaine deck, Dillon attempts to distract Kiki from her studies by dropping his drawers. He gets a call from Nina. She needs him to fly to Morocco immediately for a photo shoot. He asks Kiki to go with him but she turns him down. Inside, Ned shuts the blinds to avoid the view. Michael storms in and asks if there was a coup at ELQ while he wasn’t looking. They start arguing about the company’s dirty energy holdings. Michael warns that he’s going to have a fight on his hands if he’s starting a battle for the company. Ned assures him he’s not planning a takeover. After apologizing, Michael asks him to come to work for him as VP of new business. He leaves Ned to think it over. When Dillon comes in, Ned tells him about the job offer. Dillon urges him to carve out a new niche for himself. After Dillon packs, he goes back outside to Kiki to say he’ll miss her. She assures him she’ll still be there when he gets back.

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Lulu surprises Dante-GH-ABCWhen Dante arrives at home, he finds pretzels and Lulu in a Yankees’ uniform. She gets on his lap and he notices the kids are gone. After some baseball puns, they make out on the couch until someone rings the doorbell. It’s Valentin and Charlotte. That’s awkward. Charlotte goes off to her room and Valentin announces something pressing has come up that could make all of their lives better. He reminds them that they are due back in family court and she could lose. But if all goes well tonight, he has a reason to stay in town and they can reach an equitable agreement. After he exits, Lulu and Dante drink and worry about Valentin’s double personality. The cop is sure Valentin will screw up again.

Nina meets Valentin in the dining room of the Metro Court. She explains she has to fly off tonight and he’ll have to wait for her answer.

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Michael arrives at Crimson to pick up Nelle. She informs him that she’s headed to Morocco. He offers to tag along. Sounds good to her but she doesn’t want his job to suffer. Ned calls Michael and agrees to take the job. Michael asks him to sit in for him while he’s gone.

Julian is sentenced-GH-ABCAt the court house, Ava is startled when Griffin arrives to offer her support. Meanwhile, Alexis and Scott try to be reassuring for Julian. Jerome hopes his honesty was enough to save him. The judge comes in. She finds him guilty on all charges. Julian is crushed. Sentencing will be in four weeks. Julian requests they do it immediately, much to Scott’s bafflement. In his final statement, Julian takes full responsibility and says his family deserves a life without him. The judge sentences him to 20 years. Ava and Alexis weep. Julian tells his sister to take care of herself. He assures Alexis that his real sentence is being separated from his family. He hopes that she will move on and forget him. He’s taken away and she collapses in tears. After the room empties, Ava tells Griffin about how her brother has always been there for her and she couldn’t save him from himself. She thinks he’s condemned himself to make a gesture. Reporters barge in, asking for a comment on her brother’s verdict. When they try to photograph her face, Griffin throws the cameraman to the ground. The reporters threaten to sue her and she threatens them back. After they leave, the doctor tells her how impressed he was by how she fought back.

Scott joins Alexis outside of Kelly’s. He thinks there should be an appeal but she’s sure it would fail. Scott encourages her to pay Julian a visit but she’s taking his advice to move on. He wishes her good luck with that.

Julian is shown to his cell.

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