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Alexis drops by the Corinthos compound to see Sonny. They talk about Julian’s trial and Sam’s illness. The lawyer is feeling exhausted worrying about her daughter. Kristina walks in after overhearing this and has a fit, assuming her mom is talking about her and Parker. She wasn’t so Kristina explains to her father what happened. She bickers with her mom and then Alexis walks out. Kristina can’t hate Parker because she helped her realize who she is.

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Aunt Stella takes Curtis out. She’s made him wear a sports coat so he guesses she’s up to something. She admits she’s trying to set him up and greets Valerie when she arrives. They both seem disappointed and explain they have history and he nearly cost her her job. Valerie leaves and Curtis tells his auntie how much he messed up.

Franco shows up at Ava’s door. After opening up, she slams it in his face. He talks her into letting him in and pitches his idea of giving his paintings to her gallery. She never wants to set foot in there again. Franco admits he’d like to destroy all the work but there’s money to be made and Kiki thinks her mother needs a project. Besides, the money could be used for good things. He continues pushing and she offers to think about it. After he leaves, she calls the bank to transfer some funds into the gallery’s account.

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Andre drops in on Sam at the hospital to talk about what she did while she was sick. They discuss her hallucinations. He suspects they may have expressed a subconscious wish. She admits that things have been different with Jason since he came back from the dead. Down the hall, Liz tells Jason that Franco is moving in. He’s not happy. Jordan interrupts and the nurse takes off. The cop asks him about the gun that went missing from evidence at the PCPD. She accuses him of trying to impede the investigation so he can go after Sonny’s shooter. He insists he’s not doing that. Sam eavesdrops on this. Later, Curtis bumps into Jordan. She notices his jacket so he tells her about his aunt trying to set him up. The bright side is, she won’t try that again. He makes it clear that he wishes they were still together. Jordan says their splitting up was the right thing and suggests he find someone to make him happy.

Alexis-Carly-commiserate-GH-ABCAt the Metro Court, the jeweler informs Anna that Spencer’s diamond is stolen property. It was part of a high-profile heist in Montenegro but is not one of the Berlin diamonds. After he leaves, Andre startles her. At a table, Carly lectures her daughter for running around with Oscar when she’s grounded. Carly declares that she can never see the boy outside of school again. Joss storms off to the ladies’ room. Alexis pops up and joins Carly. They discuss the problems of teenage daughters. Alexis advises her to let her daughter make mistakes so she can learn from them. She admits that she doesn’t manage to do that and is still fighting with Kristina. When Joss returns, the lawyer takes off. Joss apologizes to her mom for being so harsh. Carly apologizes too and won’t stop her from seeing Oscar.

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Franco arrives at his studio. Liz is there, looking at the paintings he destroyed. He says they were ugly. They discuss his past. She insists it is the past and the future belongs to both of them. They have sex. It means a lot to him that she’s still willing to be with him. Ava calls and he heads to the hall to take it. As he does, Liz finds a painting.

At Perks, Kristina sits down with Valerie and they talk about controlling mothers. Valerie advises her to make things right. She heads off to work when Alexis arrives to make peace with her daughter. They hug.

Sam drops in on Sonny at his place and tells him how much she appreciates him protecting her. But she needs to owe up to what she did and tell Carly the truth. “I couldn’t agree more!” Carly says as she arrives. Before Sam can explain, Jason arrives. Sam confesses that she shot Sonny.

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