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Griffin and Kiki are at the hospital discussing her mom. She’s impressed that he got her mom out to the park.

In her penthouse, Ava makes out with Griffin and tells him how much she needs him as she unbuttons his shirt. But this is only a dream. She wakes up panting. Soon, Kiki drops in. When her mom talks about her discomfort, Kiki offers to call Griffin. Ava refuses and they discuss the doctor.

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Emma and Anna discuss the diamond-GH-ABCAnna and Emma are at Kelly’s. Emma’s frustrated about her relationship complications. Anna asks if she can borrow the diamond that Spencer gave her before she mails it back. Emma doesn’t think it’s a real diamond but Anna wants to know the truth. The little girl wonders if Spencer was involved in espionage. Anna doubts that.

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Liz and Franco drop by his studio. He suggests that she go home before the crates of his stuff arrive and he has to sort through them. After she leaves, he starts painting his old CO77X tag. He then destroys the painting.

Liz gives Griffin some encouragement-GH-ABCLiz gets to work and bumps into Griffin. He’s still itchy thanks to his bee sting. Anna strolls in and the doctor steps away. Anna shows the diamond to Liz. They go into a room for Anna’s checkup and they discuss the jewel. Anna thinks it might be one of Hayden’s. Back at the nurses’ desk, Ava and Kiki arrive. Ava almost runs when she spots Griffin but her daughter ushers her off with a doctor. Kiki asks Griffin to look after her mom if she’s not around when Ava’s appointment is finished. When Ava comes out, Griffin offers to take her home to bed. She gets defensive. Liz watches as the doctor insists to Ava that he doesn’t pity her. Ava leaps onto the elevator. Liz and the doctor discuss Ava and how much he wants to help her. She encourages him to hang in with her.

Valentin asks Nina how he can earn her trust-GH-ABCValentin joins Nina at the Metro Court. They discuss her horse foundation and he asks her to come home. She makes it clear that that would require him doing more than he is capable of. He claims he’s up to the challenge. They start going through her list of demands. He insists Anna is in his past, he has called a truce with Spencer, and he’s pondering shared custody with Lulu. Nina doesn’t know how sincere he’s being about all this. He makes more promises. She asks if he can promise that he will never do anything to disrupt their life together again. He can’t do that. He’s made legally questionable commitments he can’t get out of. However, he does promise never to do bad things to her or Charlotte. Before she can answer, Anna arrives. Valentin ignores her and reminds Nina that he loves her but he won’t beg her any more. He walks out. Meanwhile, Anna goes into the back to meet with a man about the diamond. “Where did you get a hold of this?” he asks.

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Franco destroys a painting-GH-ABCBack at Franco’s studio, his crates arrive. He unpacks his old work and starts destroying it while trashing his career. Eventually, Kiki interrupts and tells him to stop. He explains that he got his old work back so he could erase that part of himself. She assumes this is about Liz. Kiki insists that, however he feels about it, it’s still art and suggests he send it to her mom. He could also make millions selling it and give her a loan for med school or put it in a trust for Liz’s boys. After she gives him a little pep talk, she leaves.

Kiki takes her mom home. Ava is frazzled and assures her daughter she can take care of herself. Once Kiki exits, Ava looks at herself in the mirror and wonders how anyone could feel anything but pity for her. Later, Franco arrives with a proposition for her.

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