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Griffin-tempted-by-Ava-GH-ABCAva treats Griffin’s bee sting at her penthouse. He can’t thank her enough when she finishes her gentle, but seductive, massage of the lavender oil into his back. He puts on his shirt as she apologizes about embarrassing him. He’s flattered when she points out he’s beautiful but he doesn’t agree that he’s perfect. Ava wonders what it’s like to not be tempted and Griffin replies, “Who says I’m not tempted?” Ava knows of his past indiscretions and thanks him for sharing but her stamina is wavering and she needs her rest. Griffin leaves and Ava starts drinking. After passing out, she dreams of looking in the mirror and finding a perfect face. Griffin comes up behind her and points out how beautiful she always was before kissing her passionately. Ava wakes up and walks to the mirror only to see her burn-scarred face. She answers her phone, it’s Valentin. She tells him she doesn’t believe in miracles. She hangs up and considers ripping up his card.

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Kristina-questions-Parker-GH-ABCIn the park, Kristina and Parker nervously ask each other why the other came back at the same time. They laugh it off and Parker admits she didn’t think Kristina would be living at home. She’s impressed how Kristina got her life on track. She knew she’d find her way. Kristina wonders if Parker’s wife will join her when she has tenure. Parker evades the question and doesn’t want to get personal. Kristina presses Parker further and she admits her marriage is over. She left Port Charles feeling that Kristina was vulnerable. Jared-confronts-Obrecht-GH-ABCKristina was never clearer about her feelings then after they spent a night together. Parker thinks she should go but Kristina stops her. They catch up on Kristina’s family and both admit they were glad to see each other. Kristina suggests she may sit in on her class and Parker welcomes it. Elsewhere, Jared finds Obrecht and rants how Hayden screwed him over again. Obrecht’s confused by the turn of events while Jared makes it clear Hayden owes him and he plans on collecting.

Liz-welcomes-Franco-GH-ABCLiz leisurely strolls outside Kelly’s talking to Hayden’s mom about her whereabouts. She bumps into Franco as she ends the call and excitedly presses into him for a kiss. She has so many questions but he assures her all is well and plans on calling her in sick so they can be alone. They sit inside Kelly’s. Liz explains about Hayden and is eager to get back to the hospital. She promises to make it up to Franco later and kisses him. Obrecht sees them and jokes at how their display warms the heart. Liz quips, “And how would you know, it’s not like you have one.” After Liz leaves, Obrecht is eager to hear what lies she shared with Franco. Franco assures her they were talking about Hayden and is curious why Obrecht thinks she’s been arrested. Obrecht evades his questions and pleas to tell Franco what she knows to help Liz find Hayden. Obrecht promises him Hayden and Finn deserve whatever is coming to them after what they did to her.

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Curtis-reasoning-with-Finn-GH-ABCAt GH, Curtis finds Finn in Hayden’s office and advises him not to chase her down. Curtis is certain she’s gone until she decides to come back. He looks on the bright side – Monica didn’t press charges. Finn wonders if she should have. Curtis questions if they were in love at all to want his fiancé arrested. Finn remembers the last time he saw her, when she walked out her office door. Curtis invites Finn to admit the truth, he’s still in love with Hayden. Finn does, and blames her leaving him because of how he treated her during detox. Curtis knows Hayden didn’t take his harsh words to heart and he shouldn’t blame himself. Jared walks in and Finn grabs him yelling, “Where is she?” Curtis struggles to keep them apart while Jared spews insults about Hayden to Finn. Jared thinks Finn should thank him for finding out she was a lying bitch. Curtis holds Finn off and punches Jared himself. They sit Jared down and question what he knows about her disappearance. Jared complains she’s just like her dad. They let him go. Curtis is certain Jared is not capable of finding Hayden. Finn’s not sure he can let her go with his baby and hints someone savvy like Curtis could track her down. Meanwhile, Franco finds Liz and hints that Liz should look for Hayden in jail after the conversation he had with Obrecht. Liz can only think of one reason Obrecht would think that Hayden was arrested, she was in on it. Nearby, Obrecht approaches.

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