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At the PCPD, Dante teases Nathan about Mac and Felicia. Nathan reminds him that they need to close the case of Sonny’s shooter. They go over the evidence and then leave to conduct an interview.

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Julian stops Scott questioning Alexis-GH-ABCIn court, the DA gets Alexis to admit that Julian is partially responsible for what Olivia did. When Scott questions her, she explains that Julian saved her from Olivia, putting his own life on the line. He has her read the letter that Julian left for her when he was supposedly dead. It outlines the threats his sister made and why he did what he did. Alexis tears up and says he was protecting his family. When Scott probes her about her feelings, Julian leaps up and asks him to stop. Alexis hasn’t forgiven Julian. The court goes into recess. Julian apologizes to Alexis for how Scott pushed her. Much to Scott’s chagrin, Jerome asks if she can ever forgive him. She’s not sure what the future holds.

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Carly wants things to change-GH-ABCAt the hospital, Carly and Sonny bicker about his recovery. She doesn’t think he’s taking it seriously enough. Carly’s eager for things to change. They discuss him walking away from ‘the business’ and she insists it will only work if they are honest with each other. Down the hall, Sam dreams about shooting Sonny again until Jason interrupts. She wakes up and he assures her that the shooting was not her fault. He wants her to keep her mouth shut. Sam beats herself up some more. Jason heads down to Sonny’s room as Carly leaves. The men talk about how ugly things will get when Carly learns the truth. Sonny and Nathan stroll in to get Sonny’s statement. Corinthos doesn’t remember much. Dante points out there were two bullets from different guns. Sonny still claims he doesn’t remember. The cops exit. Out by the nurses’ station, Sam corners Carly and tells her about what her illness has done to her. She admits she ‘lost it’ on Sonny. Before she can say more, Sonny and Jason interrupt. Jason leads his wife away. Carly asks Sonny what Sam was so upset about.

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Finn questions Hayden-GH-ABCWhen Finn walks into Hayden’s office, he hears her using her alias. When he asks her about this, she makes an excuse and gets defensive. The doctor says this looks sketchy and asks for an explanation. She explains that she took money from the hospital but is returning it. Hayden cancels the payments. Finn’s confused so she explains she was buying their freedom from her ex-husband. In tears, she tells him about running down a girl while drunk and Jared taking the rap for her. Finn wishes she’d told him this. She was afraid he would relapse and starts lashing out about his saintly dead wife. Finn assures her that he loves her, but he’s not sure how to deal with this. He thinks they need to face “for better and worse.” She walks away in tears.

Dante and Nathan return to the station. They assume that Sonny is lying to them. Dante assumes that a rival mobster went after Sonny and a mob war might be coming.

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