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Kiki and Griffin show up at Ava’s penthouse and try to tempt her out to lunch. She refuses so the doctor hands her a bag of books. Kiki refuses to leave her there alone and insists on taking her out.

Alexis' kids lecture her about Julian-GH-ABCAt the Metro Court, Molly and Kristina bring up the trial to their mother. They beg her not to save Julian. Alexis promises only to tell the truth and Kristina blames Julian for everything bad that’s happened in the past year. They keep needling their mom. She starts getting annoyed and sends them away.

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Julian worries about the case-GH_ABCIn the courthouse, Scott explains to Julian that he has managed to prevent them having a jury trial since everyone in town hates him. They only need to worry about whether or not Alexis will “throw him to the coyotes.” They discuss Julian’s recent run-ins with his ex and how cold she’s been. Jerome wonders if they need to enter a guilty plea so Alexis won’t have to relive her traumas on the stand. The lawyer isn’t about to let him do that. After the judge arrives, the trial commences and Alexis is brought out as a hostile witness. The DA questions her about the Olivia debacle and how Julian failed to protect her from his sister. Under badgering, she admits that it’s possible the night on the bridge might not have happened if Julian had been honest with her.

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Charlotte freaks out-GH-ABCCharlotte has lunch with her father at Kelly’s. She worries about where the horses of Windemere will go if Spencer takes the estate away. Valentin assures her that won’t happen. As they eat, Ava arrives with Kiki and Griffin. Charlotte gasps in horror and points when she sees her. Valentin tells his daughter she’s being rude and needs to apologize. Ava freaks out at her daughter and the doctor. She goes outside to wait while they get takeout. Charlotte approaches her and apologizes. Her father sends her inside and he apologizes to Ava. He reminds her that he can fix things for her. She refuses his help again. Meanwhile, Kristina and Molly look at their college courses. Molly discovers that Parker will be teaching one of her courses.

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Hayden confesses to Finn-GH-ABCAt the hospital, Liz informs Hayden that the bank needs to talk to her about suspicious activities. Hayden gets on the phone and fudges through the conversation then gets defensive when Finn and Liz ask about it. Finn suggests she try to relax and goes back to work. Liz asks her sister what’s going on. Hayden admits things might fall apart. Love has made her a better person and all she wants is a happy life. Her sister assures her that everything will be fine. Down the hall, Finn drops a cactus off in Hayden’s office. He discovers proof that she visited her father. When she arrives, he asks why she didn’t tell him about that. She claims she visited him to make peace. He understands but doesn’t want any more secretes between them. Back at the nurses’ station, Jared shows up, looking for Hayden. He drops off a card with Liz and takes off. The nurse takes it to her sister. Left alone, Hayden reads the note and rips it up. She calls the bank to make some adjustments to the account she set up. Back down the hall, Finn thanks Liz for helping him unite with her sister. When he returns to Hayden’s office, he catches her on the phone, using the name Rachel Berlin.

Kiki and Griffin take Ava home. She’s a bit annoyed by how kind they’ve been but thanks them. Once she’s alone, she looks at herself in the mirror and then takes out the card Valentin gave her and places it in a box. In the hall, Griffin assures Kiki that her mom will be able to make a new life for herself.

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