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At the Quartermaine estate, Olivia unveils her cannolis to Dillon. He’s amazed. Ned is shocked to learn she made them in their kitchen. Monica calls her into the hall. They can hear cook trashing the kitchen. Olivia thought the kitchen was the heart of the home but it is only Cook’s domain. Monica makes it clear that the kitchen is off-limits. Liv admits that she feels like an outsider in the family. Monica used to feel that way too but learned to fight back. Meanwhile, Ned tells Dillon how lousy the numbers for ELQ are. Dillon wonders if he’s trying to get back to the top of the company. Ned doesn’t think Michael is about to give up any power. He’ll have to outsmart him. Olivia returns. She was in the kitchen, trying to make a deal with Cook. That didn’t work so she fired her.

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Carly questions Nelle-GH-ABCAt the Corinthos compound, Michael is exhausted after trying to get his sister to sleep. He tells Nelle about Sonny’s frequent ‘close calls’ with death and then worries about Joss dating Oscar. Carly shows up and informs them Sonny is fine. Before Nelle can escape, Carly thanks her for her help finding Sonny. Nelle covers for where the casing came from. Carly would like to meet the person who found it. Michael shows Nelle out and Carly starts demanding better answers for where Nelle found the casing.

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Jared corners Hayden and Finn-GH-ABCIn her office at the hospital, Hayden tells Finn they are taking a trip to Zanzibar. He doesn’t think he can take off but she insists they need this. The doctor agrees if they make it their honeymoon. As they look forward to a fast and tiny wedding, Jared appears. He explains that he and Hayden used to be married and suggests they all have dinner. Finn says they don’t have time since they’re leaving for Africa. After the doctor leaves, Jared asks his ex why she’s making things so difficult. She thinks Finn can handle the truth about her. Jared hints Finn might not survive at all. He assumes the doctor will relapse if confronted and then flashes his threatening GIF animation at her. Down at the nurses’ station, Monica tells Finn to go ahead and take time off for a wedding and honeymoon. Once he leaves, she transfers money from the hospital to his account. Meanwhile, Jason and a nurse are troubled to discover that Sam is not in her room. Down the hall, Sam sneaks into Sonny’s room. She’s confused. He helps her clarify things by letting her know she shot him. It’s okay with him since she was sick. Sam tears up and worries about what she’s capable of. After some prodding, he explains what happened. She gets more distraught. “Friends don’t try to kill each other!” she says. He repeats that this is no big deal and they hold hands. Jason and the nurse arrive and the nurse leads Sam back to her room. Jason assumes that Sam shot him and Sonny suggests he calm her down before she turns herself in. They agree to keep this from Carly. Jason heads to his wife’s room. Sam is weeping. He assures her that none of this is her fault. Back down the hall, Carly brings Avery to visit Sonny. He admits that Sam came to visit but downplays it.

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Joss gives Oscar's gift back-GH-ABCOscar meets with Joss outside Kelly’s. She gives him back the necklace he made because her mom might flip out. Joss explains it was made of a bullet casing from where Sonny was trapped. He says if he hadn’t made it, her mom would never have found the clue. Oscar wants her to keep the jewelry and asks her out on a date. They discuss their status until Nelle appears. Oscar runs away and the ladies discuss Joss’ predicament. Joss thinks she wants to go out with him. Nelle gives her some advice about moving slowly until Michael arrives and tells Joss they have been covering about the necklace.

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