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Ava is drinking alone at the penthouse. Kiki arrives at the door and demands to be let in. Her mother reluctantly opens up. Ava keeps drinking and Kiki announces they are going to the hospital for therapy. This doesn’t appeal to Ava. She’d rather drink and eat almonds. After she flounces off, Kiki calls Griffin and asks him over. Her mom comes out with another vodka and runs to put on her mask as Griffin arrives. He tells her not to keep herself locked away. Ava admits she’s afraid everyone will stare and pity her. She has no soul to be saved. The priest refuses to believe that and won’t let her turn her back on the world.

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Hayden meets her father-GH-ABCAt the prison, Hayden calls Finn and tells him she’ll have to delay their dinner date. She meets with her father, Raymond Berlin (played by Robert Curtis Brown), in the visitor’s room. She’s surprised he agreed to see her. He admits that he put up a wall when he found out she wasn’t his biological daughter. Now, he’s realized she’ll always be his kid. She asks if there’s anything left from the hedge fund. There isn’t. Hayden tells him about her new life with Finn and how Jared is threatening her future. She doesn’t want to steal from the hospital to pay him off. A warning text arrives for her from Jared. Raymond assures her she’ll always be his little girl, no matter what she does.

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Dante Jason and Carly visit Sonny-GH-ABCAt the hospital, Sam dreams about shooting Sonny and kicking him into the pit. Finn comes in with her lab results. They’re very good. Griffin will have to sign off before she can leave. She wants answers about her hallucinations but he doesn’t have them. After he exits, she checks her phone and has another flashback. When she tries getting out of bed, Felix rushes in to stop her. She asks after Sonny. Down the hall, Dante, Jason and Carly are in Sonny’s room. The cop asks who shot him. Sonny’s vague and says it was all a blur then asks about Sam. Carly herds the men out but Sonny asks Jason to stay. Felix enters and tells them all to let the patient rest. After a chat with the nurse, he goes to sleep and dreams of Sam shooting him. In the hall, Carly questions Jason, assuming that Garvey could have people on the prowl. He assures her that Sonny is safe and everything will work out. Meanwhile, Kiki and Griffin arrive with Ava. She insists on going to therapy alone and heads down the hall. Sam pops up and startles her. They discuss their conversation about Sonny and how Sam was threatening to go after him. Sam can’t remember it. Ava suggests it must have been her subconscious talking. That irritates Sam and she exits. Ava is about to walk out when her daughter and Griffin stop her. Upstairs, Hayden is looking at a spreadsheet in her office when Finn interrupts. She explains she bought them tickets to somewhere far away. Back by the nurses’ station, Felix and Carly chat about Sonny’s condition while Sam heads into Sonny’s room.

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