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sam-hospital-gh-abc At GH, Jason sits by Sam’s side while she remains unconscious. Sam eventually stirs awake and tries to talk. In the halls, Finn speaks to Tracy over the phone and thanks her for the ring she sent for Hayden. He quickly hangs up when Hayden appears. They are interrupted by Deanna, who tells Hayden a patient asked to see her because he’s complaining about an invoice. She heads to see the man, who is her ex Jared. She is furious he came to her work, but agrees to talk to him elsewhere in a half hour. He suggests where to meet. Hayden returns to Finn, who surprises her with the ring to make it official. He admits Tracy helped him pick it out, and pulled some strings to get it so quickly. As they hug, Jared sneaks out, but points to his watch, which Hayden sees. Hayden tells Finn the ring is beautiful and she’s going to go have it sized right now. Hayden rushes out. Finn-advice-from-Griffin-GH-ABC Back in Sam’s room, Deanna tends to a confused Sam and decides to go get Finn and Griffin. The doctors arrive, and they ask Sam what the last thing she remembers is. She remembers Sonny dropping by their apartment to talk to Jason yesterday morning, and she left. They explain to her the details of the illness she contracted. Griffin and Finn leave Sam to rest, and Jason talks to Griffin in the hall about Sam’s memory. Griffin believes her memory will return in time, but not to push her. Jason returns to Sam’s room, and finds his wife trying to get out of bed. She claims she just wants to stretch. Deanna agrees she can walk once around the floor and then back to bed. Jason helps her around, and in the hall Deanna wheels Garvey by on a gurney. He and Sam exchange glances, and Sam looks like she’s seen a ghost.

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Joss-Oscar-necklace-GH-ABC Joss catches Oscar at her front door trying to be sneaky and leave a gift. She invites him in, and he reveals he didn’t want to intrude because of what is going on with her step-dad. They talk about Sonny and Joss’ feelings about him for a while. Oscar decides to leave, but she reminds him he was going to give her something. He forgot, and reveals he turned the neat piece of metal they found at the construction site into a necklace. She loves it and asks him to put it on her, which he does.

Shirtless-Michael-Nelle-GH-ABC At Nelle’s place, Nelle tries to convince Michael that he doesn’t have to be mister in control today. She is going to take a personal day and help him look for his dad. Later, Joss arrives to tell Nelle about the most amazing thing that just happened to her, but she spots Michael and realizes she’s interrupting. Michael explains they were just going to look for his dad, but they can spare a few minutes. Joss shows Nelle the necklace Oscar made for her, which worries Nelle. Nelle shows it to Michael, who recognizes it as a bullet casing.

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Haydens-ex-Jared-GH-ABC Finn and Jared meet at the house she and Finn are buying. They argue some more, and Jared agrees to leave her alone if she gives him a payout. She reminds him that she has nothing to give him, but he spots the ring on her finger. She refuses to give it to him. He doubts the ring will stay on her finger very long if Finn knew about her drunk driving accident. He realizes there may be another way for her to get what she owes him at no cost to her. He suggests she embezzle the money from the hospital, which she refuses. He tells her that she has one week to come up with the money she owes him, or he tells Finn the truth.

Finn returns to his room at the Metro Court and looks through his wife’s things. He tells her about the woman he’s met, and that he’s moving on. He reads over his wife’s final letter to him, in which she told him to fight to live. He did, and now he has a second chance. He needs to say goodbye to his past, so he burns her letter and tells her that he’ll love her forever.

On the next General Hospital:

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Michael asks Joss where she got the bullet casing.

Sonny lies unconscious in the pit, and the site is scheduled for demolition.

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