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At the hospital, Jason hopes for good news so he can take Sam home. Meanwhile, Griffin and Finn are eager to get Sam’s latest neuro scans. Griffin doubts she’s waking up any time soon and suggests he take a break. Jason comes out as Finn takes off. Jason is sure that Sam will fight and asks him to help. The doctor agrees to fight for her, but they need to get her conscious first. Down the hall, Garvey is brought in on a gurney with Carly trailing after, yelping that he knows where Sonny is. Dante asks Liz and Carly what they know and sends a cop down to look at Garvey’s car. Carly tells Dante all she knows. The cop comes back after finding the Cassadine crest in the car. They guess Garvey took Spencer as bait. Dante takes off. Carly spots Jason and rushes over to hug him. They sit down and hope God will answer their prayers. When Jason walks off to call his son, Liz returns to whisper to Carly that Garvey is alone upstairs. Carly leaps on an elevator. She sneaks into his room and starts threatening him.

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Obrecht asks Jed for help-GH-ABCObrecht meets with Jared in her car. He doesn’t want to help in her plot against Hayden. She hands him a dossier of how Hayden has been living it up while he was in jail. Jared still turns her down. She curses him as a coward.

Hayden visits the house that could be her new home. She’s looking forward to that and calls Finn over. When the doctor arrives, Hayden has news for Finn-GH-ABChe’s frazzled and tells her Sam is in a coma. She hugs him. They discuss renovations and then she tells him why she hates tennis. Jared was good at tennis but bad news otherwise. Hayden wants to build a life for them and their child. She babbles about loving him until he kisses her. He assumes she just proposed. Finn never thought he’d fall in love again but then he met her. He says ‘yes’ and they kiss. After he runs off to get food from The Floating Rib, Jared strolls in.

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Nathan gives Valentin a warning-GH-ABCNina runs into Nathan at the PCPD. She’s disappointed in him and accuses him of giving up on her. Valentin pops up, wanting to know if he is still a person of interest in the kidnapping. Nathan starts badmouthing the Cassadine, who trashes the competence of the police department. After getting a call from Dante, Nathan explains they know who the kidnapper is but won’t say more. Valentin wants an apology and assures Nina her faith in him was not misplaced. After she leaves, Nathan warns Valentin that he’ll regret it if he worms his way back into Nina’s life.

Nina runs into Obrecht at The Floating Rib. The doctor tells her about how most people are afraid to go after what they want. Nina thanks her and runs off.

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Sonny prays for help-GH-ABCSonny is still in the pit of the construction site, telling himself he will survive. He starts praying and offering confession. The mobster claims his biggest sin is pride. He should have realized that Sam was having mental problems. After passing out for a while, a line shines on him and a figure emerges. “It’s you,” Sonny gasps.

Nina chases Valentin down in a parking garage and apologizes for her brother. After some awkward conversation, she kisses him. He asks her to come back to him. She walks away.

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