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At GH, Curtis informs Aunt Stella that he’s going to move her in with him. She thinks she’ll be a third wheel, but he tells her that he and Jordan broke up. Stella is thrilled, and hopes the right woman comes into his life soon. In her room, Sam seizes and Jason screams for help. Finn and Griffin run in and take over. They stabilize Sam, and Finn takes Jason out of the room to talk. Nurse Deanna brings Sam’s test results to Finn. Finn reveals that Sam has toxoplasmosis, a parasitic infection of the brain. At the Nurses’ Station, Hayden asks Liz why she’s working on her day off. A nurse called out, and she is glad to have the extra shift. Liz gets back to work, and Hayden spots Curtis with Stella and gives him a hug. Stella jumps to the wrong conclusion about them, which they set straight. Liz arrives to take Stella to her final doctor appointment before she is discharged. After they leave, Hayden fills Curtis in on her and Finn’s plan to buy a house and move in together. He asks if marriage is in the future.

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Jordan-news-for-Dante-GH-ACB At the PCPD, Jordan gets a call and then informs Dante that Garvey went missing while being transferred, and he may be headed this way. Jordan feels Sonny should know, so Dante offers to tell him.

Sonny remains trapped in the construction pit. He calls for help when he hears someone walking above. Garvey peers into the pit, and wonders if that crazy brunette left him down there. Sonny knows Garvey doesn’t have a gun to shoot him, and he’s wounded as well and needs a doctor. He suggests they make a deal so they both get out of this. Sonny swears if Garvey gets him out of this, he’ll let him leave Port Charles with no repercussions and won’t say a word. Garvey says, “Go to hell,” and walks off after covering the pit up with boards. Sonny tries to climb out, but passes out from the pain.

Michael-worries-about-Sonny-GH-ABC At Sonny’s place, Carly gets a call from Laura letting her know that Spencer is okay. Michael walks in and asks if everything is all right with his dad because he missed a meeting for a project they are working on. Carly begins to worry because Sonny isn’t answering phone. Dante arrives to speak with Sonny, and learns he hasn’t been heard from all day. Dante informs Carly and Michael about Garvey’s escape, which worries them further.

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Back at the hospital, Jordan visits Stella, and drops off Curtis’ keys with her. Stella assures Jordan that Curtis did what he did for family, not to break her heart. Jordan explains they both decided to end things, which Stella finds hard to believe. They exchange words, and Jordan informs Stella she won’t get in the way of her relationship with TJ. Stella advises her that sometimes you have to make sacrifices for family, and she’ll get over it. Jordan leaves. Back in the hall, Hayden tells Curtis that marriage is not needed to raise a child and it doesn’t diminish what they have. Curtis feels she’s doing a lousy job convincing herself that everything is great. Hayden admits she has a bad track record with marriage, and Finn’s first wife was a saint that she can’t live up to. Curtis reminds her Finn is in no place to cast judgement. He suggests she talk to Finn about her concerns. Curtis gets back to Stella, who is being released. When he grabs her bag, he sees the keys Jordan left and takes them. Sam-siezes-GH-ABC Outside of Sam’s room, Finn tells Jason the disease is treatable, but they need to find out how she got it. It is usually passed through animals, and it is possible that Scout has the disease depending on how long Sam’s had it. Alexis has the baby, so Griffin calls her to bring her down. Jason gets a call from Carly, who tells him about Garvey. Jason can’t worry about him now because he’s at the hospital with Sam, who is sick, and reveals Scout may be too. Carly tells him she’ll be right there because it will help take her mind off things. Jason sits with Sam and pours his heart out to her. She stirs awake, but immediately sees Sonny and says, “You are in the ground, you can’t hurt us anymore!” Down in the garage, Liz gets her sweater out of her car because she’s cold, and is grabbed by Garvey. Garvey needs her to patch him up or else he threatens to leave her kids orphans. Suddenly Carly appears and recognizes Garvey.

Jordan returns to the station and deletes an image of her and Curtis at The Nurses’ Ball from her phone.

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