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Spencer-escaped-GH-ABC At the PCPD, Spencer claims Valentin kidnapped him. Dante asks Spencer to tell them what happened, so he explains to Laura, Valentin and Nina that he was snatched, placed in a car, and thrown into a basement. Dante points out Spencer admitted he didn’t see his captor, but Spencer identifies him by his shoes. Dante and Laura take Spencer to the interrogation room for privacy. Valentin asks Nina if she still believes he is innocent. She wants to, but fears he could have been playing her all along, and his version of events sometimes don’t include all the facts. In the interrogation room, Spencer swears Valentin kidnapped him. Dante is paged and has to leave. Laura advises Spencer that he needs to tell the truth, and not to sink to Valentin’s level. Dante returns, and Spencer admits he is not certain that Valentin was the one who kidnapped him. Laura tells him, “good job,” and they will never stop fighting for justice for Nikolas. Dante leaves, and gives Valentin the news that Spencer admitted he doesn’t know who kidnapped him. Nina tells Valentin she needs to get back to work, but does expect her bail money back. She leaves, and Spencer emerges to lash out at Valentin. He doesn’t know if he kidnapped him, but he has one last thing to say. Spencer quotes “The Princess Bride” and says, “My name is Spencer Cassadine, you killed my father, prepare to die!”

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Hayden-Liz-talk-GH-ABC Hayden drops by Liz’s place to ask Liz for advice on being a mother. Liz questions her about whether she ever thought she’d have kids. She didn’t, and admits she was married once years ago. She recounts that she and her ex discussed having kids, but they were too busy living life in the fast lane then. Hayden admits she has a lot of regrets, but Liz feels she’s grown a lot from who she was. Liz promises her by time she has her baby shower she will have learned all she can learn. Hayden laughs that nobody would throw her one. Liz says she will, and they hug.

Haydens-Ex-GH-ABC Finn treats Griffin to lunch at the Floating Rib, where they run into Obrecht. Obrecht and Finn have words before he and Griffin walk out. Jared, Hayden’s ex arrives to meet with Obrecht. He doesn’t appreciate coming down here, which is out of his parole boundaries. Obrecht knows all about his past, and his Ponzi scheme, but believes together they can both get what they deserve. She brings up his marriage to Rachel, and a specific fight they had at their country club years ago. She suggests he go talk to his wife, who is here in Port Charles. He has no reason to track her down, but Obrecht reminds him that he went to prison because of his wife, and she can help him get what he deserves from Rachel. Obrecht reminds him that Rachel cast him aside when she no longer needed him and left him in prison. She sympathizes because Finn and Hayden did that to her, and they should be made to pay.

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Jason carries Sam to the couch, where she tells him that it’s all over and she made sure they are safe. Jason is puzzled. Sam passes out, so he carries her out the door to get her to the hospital.

Hurt-Sonny-GH-ABC Sonny lays unconscious at the bottom on the construction pit. He eventually comes too and calls out to Sam to get him out of there. He’s bleeding from a gunshot wound in the leg, and uses his jacket to make a tourniquet. Sonny tries to climb out of the pit, but is unable to. He locates his phone, but it is not working.


Finn and Griffin return to GH and eat their lunch. Suddenly Jason bursts in with Sam calling for help. They admit Sam, who is running a fever, and run some neurological tests on her based on Jason’s description of her symptoms. Sam fades in and out, and has a vision of Sonny telling her that just because she killed him it won’t get rid of him. Sam sits up, screams, and cries she isn’t safe there. Jason tries to calm her, but she keeps mumbling she thought she had kept them safe. Meanwhile, Finn and Griffin look over Sam’s tests, and Finn thinks he knows what is wrong with Sam. Back in Sam’s room, she seizes and begins coding.

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