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At her apartment, Ava throws out all her make-up while downing a martini. Once done, she places a delivery order for a case of vodka.

Carly-Bobbie-discuss-Joss-GH-ABC At Carly’s, Bobbie and Carly discuss the problems of raising a teenager. Joss walks in on them talking about her, and worries there is news on Spencer. Carly tells her there isn’t. Bobbie leaves, and Carly sits Joss down to talk about Oscar. She knows she can’t stop Joss from seeing him, but it bothers her that she was drinking with the guy. Joss feels she’s judging Oscar before getting to know him, so Carly suggests she get to know him.

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Sam has more delusions of Sonny taunting her in her apartment. Jason asks her how she’s feeling, and she claims she’s doing better. He promises they will get through whatever is ailing her together. As he hugs her, Sam sees a smiling Sonny staring at her.

Sonny speaks with Laura at his place about the search for Spencer. He promises to get to Valentin and get answers out of him, so she shouldn’t do anything rash.

Nina walks along the docks and argues with someone on the phone about withdrawing some money regardless of the fees and penalties.

At the PCPD, Nathan learn that Valentin’s bail has been posted, which shocks Valentin. Nina walks in and reveals she posted it. Nathan is forced to release him, and leaves to process the paperwork. Valentin tells Nina that he had his lawyers working on it, but she wanted to let everyone know that she believes in him.

Sonny-Jason-help-GH-ABC Sonny drops by Sam and Jason’s place to talk. Sam freaks and decides to go drop Scout’s blanket off with Alexis, who has the baby. Sonny senses something is wrong with Sam, and Jason explains she’s been very stressed and tired, and the doctors are trying to figure out what is wrong. Sonny is sorry, and changes the subject to Spencer going missing and Valentin making bail. Sonny needs Valentin to be stopped, and Jason asks if he wants him to do it. Sam listens in at the door as her fears of Sonny dragging Jason back in are confirmed. She leaves, and Jason offers to help Sonny.

Laura-attacks-Valentin-Nina-GH-ABC Back at the PCPD, Valentin signs his release papers, and Laura walks in before he can leave. She’s stunned to learn Valentin has been released, and that Nina bailed him out. Laura goes off on him, and Nina defends him. Laura screams Valentin killed her son and is now going after her grandson. An officer escorts Valentin out, and Laura flips out on Nathan, who swears they will be watching him. Laura storms out, and Nina thinks she is spiraling out of control. Nathan feels the same about Nina, and they argue about her going back to Valentin. Nathan can’t keep picking up the pieces after her when things falls apart, so she’ll need to find someone else to do it when Valentin breaks her heart again.

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burned-Ava-martini-GH-ABC Sam goes to Ava’s place to see Julian, but finds Ava passed out drunk on the couch. She wakes her aunt up, and suggests she make a cup of coffee. They make small talk, and Sam tries to get Ava to pull it together for Avery’s sake. Ava thinks she’s better off with Sonny, which causes Sam to flip out. Ava is shocked when Sam speaks against her good friend Sonny. Sam has been thinking about karma, and points out that Ava has paid but Sonny hasn’t. Sam suggests Ava take care of herself so she’s around to see Sonny pay. Sam helps Ava into her burn mask, which she’s been avoiding wearing.

Laura runs into Valentin on the docks, and promises to get Spencer to drop the lawsuit and leave Port Charles if he’ll just give him back. Valentin can’t give him to her because he doesn’t have him. She doesn’t believe him, and cries Helena was right that he was the worst Cassadine because he doesn’t care about anyone. When Valentin tries to walk away, Laura grabs a board and nails him across the back of the head. He goes down, but regains his composure and threatens to see her in jail for this. Suddenly, Jason appears and grabs Valentin from behind. He knocks Valentin out, and tells Laura to get out of here and leave this to him.

Sam returns home to more delusions of Sonny. She retrieves the gun she bought and heads out.

Sonny arrives home and gets a call from Carly about Spencer. He lets her know Jason is on the case. After the call, Sonny gets a text message with a photo of Spencer locked in the basement.

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Oscar is brought into the station because he has information on Spencer.

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Jason prepares to force Valentin, who is tied to a chair, to tell him where Spencer is.

Sonny goes to meet someone on the docks, a gun is drawn, and a shot is fired.

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