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Carly and Sonny receive a visit from Laura, who asks for Sonny’s help because Spencer is missing. Sonny agrees to put some men on the case and promises to bring him home.

At the PCPD, Dante puts Valentin under arrest for Spencer’s kidnapping, but Valentin insist there is a reason he has Spencer’s script notes. He claims Spencer dropped them and he picked them up after meeting the boy to make a peace offering. Dante and Nathan question him about all his actions after meeting Spencer, which Valentin details, including going to court to get visitation rights for Charlotte. Valentin is taken to the interrogation room to wait until Nathan and Dante can verify his story. Nina asks Nathan to see Valentin, and he allows it.

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Hayden-confronts-Obrecht-GH-JJ At GH, Lucy meets with Finn and tells him that she’s found the perfect house for him. In her office, Obrecht searches online for dirt on Hayden. Hayden discovers her and asks why she’s still there, and Obrecht explains she is downloading her research. Hayden thinks she’s had plenty of time to do that and orders her to leave the premises or she’ll have her arrested. Hayden sees Obrecht to the elevators, where they run into Finn and Lucy. The doctor berates Lucy for not taking better advantage of her in The Nurses’ Ball, but Lucy tells her the show will go on. Obrecht tells Finn, “no hard feelings” and leaves.

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Lucy takes Finn and Hayden to see a house, and leaves them to discuss it while she runs an errand. The home reminds Hayden of where she grew up and her past, but Finn says that’s behind her and this is a fresh start. They kiss, tear each other’s clothes off and have sex. Lucy returns just as they finish dressing. She realizes what is up, and asks if they saw enough to decide on the house. Hayden loves it, so Finn says they are ready to make an offer.

Back at Sonny’s, Laura gets a call from Dante asking her to come to the station. She leaves, and Sonny finds it ironic that as soon as he planned to get out of the business that he’s being led back in. Joss arrives to see her mom, and cries because she feels it’s her fault Spencer got kidnapped. Sonny and Carly assure her that it’s not her fault, and promise her that they will find Spencer. Carly decides to take Joss back to her place, and thanks Sonny for being so good to Joss. Carly tells Sonny to do whatever it takes to bring Spencer home.

Nina visits Valentin in the PCPD interrogation room and she asks him for the truth. Valentin rants and rails about how lucky Spencer is that he didn’t tell him the truth about his father, but he would never be that cruel or kidnap him. He begs Nina to look him in his eyes and tell him that she still believes in him. She does believe in him. In the precinct, Laura arrives and Dante asks if she can back-up Valentin’s statement about what happened between them at the park. She does, but still believes Valentin is behind this. An old woman named Mrs. Goodwin arrives and testifies that she saw a man drag a young boy out of the park. Dante shows her some photos of possible suspects, and she points to Valentin. However, Dante quickly realizes the woman’s vision is poor, her memory is bad, and she admits to having seen Valentin in the news on the TV. She’s not a reliable witness. Laura still believes he did it, rushes into the interrogation room, and demands to know where Spencer is. Nina defends Valentin, and Valentin demands he be charged or he’s leaving. Nathan returns and reveals Valentin’s lawyer, not Valentin, was in court getting him visitation rights with Charlotte. Dante realizes Valentine has no alibi, and has Valentin booked. As he’s taken away, he swears to Nina she is right about him.

Obrecht goes to The Metro Court to drink and continue looking for dirt online on Hayden. She realizes she’s been going about her investigation the wrong way, and scores a hit when she finds an old article indicating Hayden was engaged to a man named Jared Preston Jr. She calls the man up and arranges a meeting.

On the next General Hospital:

Joss asks Carly and Bobbie if they were talking about her.

Ava tells Sam, “You’ll have to make do with Sonny.” Sam replies, “No!”

Nathan learns Valentin posted bail.

Laura screams at Valentin and Nina that Valentin killed her son and is going after her grandson.

Sonny tells Jason that Valentin needs to be stopped. Jason asks Sonny if he wants him to stop him.

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