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Julian drops by Alexis’ place to ask her to be a witness in his trial for the defense. Alexis reminds him that she lost her license once lying for him. Julian only wants her to tell the truth that Olivia was threatening him, and what happened that night on the bridge. She will only consider it if he testifies, and puts him in the hot seat. Alexis questions him about how Olivia got him to do all the horrible things he did. Julian tries to convince her that Olivia would have killed her or Lucas or Lea. Alexis points out nobody can collaborate that, but Julian says there is proof. He hands her the letter he left her in case of his death, which she reads over. He rests his case, and tears roll down her cheeks. She asks why after when he fell from the bridge did he let her think he was dead. He explains he really had planned to leave the country that night, but he had to have one more night with her. Alexis tells Julian if she took the stand for him that she’d be torn apart, but Julian wants to take the chance. There is a knock at the door, and Alexis is served with papers to appear at Julian’s trial for the prosecution.

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Monica-Finn-shake-GH-XJJ At the hospital, Monica tells Finn that his latest tests came back clean, so he is officially reinstated. They shake and he thanks her. Finn is paged to a conference room, were he finds a surprise party waiting for him. Monica, Liz, Hayden and Griffin are in attendance.

Obrecht-Nathan-Crimson-GH-XJJ Nathan drops by Crimson to see Nina and make sure she’s staying away from Valentin. She admits she’s considering giving him another chance. As they debate, Obrecht walks in to discuss business with Nina in private and sends Nathan off. The doctor proposes a column for Nina’s magazine on cutting edge medical breakthroughs, but Nina thinks that is better suited for a medical journal. Obrecht cries that there seems to be no place for her anywhere. She leaves and Nina receives a call from Nathan asking her to come to the station to discuss Spencer.

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At the Metro Court, Charlotte tells her papa that she doesn’t want to leave him. He promises he’s not going anywhere again, and soon she will come back to Wyndemere. Charlotte asks if she can still see Lulu, Rocco and Dante. Valentin says if that is what she wants. However, he reiterates that she won’t be seeing Spencer anymore. Suddenly, an amber alert comes over Valentin’s phone.

At the station, Laura meets with Dante and Kevin and brings them up to date with what is going on with Spencer, and that Valentin has a motive to wanting Spencer to disappear because of the boy’s lawsuit.

Back at the Metro Court, Laura and Kevin walk in, followed by Dante. The cop tells Valentin had needs to ask him some questions. Valentin sends Charlotte with Laura while he goes with Dante. Charlotte asks Laura if she looks sad because of Spencer. Kevin asks why she’d ask that, and Charlotte explains her father told her why Spencer was being so mean, and that she won’t be seeing him anymore.

Nina-Nathan-Dante-Valentin-PCPD-GH-XJJ Nina meets Nathan at the station, and she learns that Spencer has disappeared. Valentin is brought in by Dante and questioned about Spencer’s whereabouts. He admits to arguing with Laura and her grandson, who he calls a bully and a little jerk for what he did to his daughter. However, he swears he wouldn’t hurt a child. Nathan gets a break and reveals a witness has identified Spencer being dragged from the park by someone who looks like Valentin. Valentin says it’s not true, and he wants to get back to his daughter. A paper falls out of Valentin’s jacket, and it’s Spencer’s notes on Hamlet. Dante places Valentin under arrest.

Obrecht returns to the hospital to get her last paycheck and walks by the conference room where Finn’s party is. She overhears Griffin speaking about welcoming back someone vital to GH who has broken a few rules from time to time. She jumps to the conclusion the party is for her, walks in, and realizes her mistake when she sees everyone toasting to Finn. She runs out, and Hayden chases after her. Hayden hands Obrecht her final paycheck. The two argue. Obrecht states this won’t stop her from practicing medicine, and that Hayden will pay for what she’s done to her. Finn interrupts and tells Obrecht that is enough. Hayden tells her to leave before they call security, and they return to the party. Obrecht goes back to her office, which has been packed for her. She gets on her laptop and begins searching the internet for dirt on Hayden.

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