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Julian-nurse-hospital-GH-XJJ Julian arrives at the hospital to see Ava and learns from a nurse that Ava was released. He wonders where she is given he just came from her apartment. In the hallway, Laura receives a call from Joss about an incident at Lila’s Kids and tells Joss she’ll be right there.

Carly-Morgans-grave-GH-XJJ Sonny and Carly are stunned to see Ava, with her bandaged face, limping toward Morgan’s grave. They argue about Morgan’s death. Sonny warns Ava if she manages to get her face healed through plastic surgery then he will rethink letting her live, because she cannot walk away from what she did to Morgan. Ava knows she’s a terrible person and she is paying for what she did. They find that laughable because she hasn’t confessed to the cops, and call her a coward. Carly gets some satisfaction that someone so vain now looks the way Ava does, and she has a face to match her soul. Carly and Sonny leave, and Felix arrives to fetch Ava. She asks for a moment to say goodbye to Morgan. Ava apologizes for what she did to Morgan, and swears she did love him. She cries that she feels sick when she thinks about him, and she thinks about him constantly.

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At the Metro Court, Jordan asks Curtis how Stella is. He says she’s getting better, but he feels bad that Stella gave up a man she was engaged to in order to raise him and his brother after their mom got sick. Jordan assures Curtis that Stella loves him and likely has no regrets of what she gave up for him. Curtis believes he has to put Stella first now, and he ends things with Jordan. She understands, and Curtis laughs that Stella would hate that they broke up only because she was sick. Jordan tells him she’s proud of him and this is the right decision. Elsewhere, Sonny and Carly arrive and sit at the bar. They discuss Ava, and Carly admits they need to let their animosity towards her go or they’ll never be free. She believes living well is the best revenge, and dwelling on Ava gives her power.

Spencer-hostage-GH-XJJ Spencer finds himself thrown into and locked in a basement. He notices a window high up and tries to climb up to it with a rope he finds, but falls and breaks his glasses.

In the park, Joss called Laura because Charlotte is upset after her fight with spencer. Laura speaks with her granddaughter, who is worried her papa is mad at her because he left. Laura promises her that he’s not mad at her. They discuss what Spencer said, and Charlotte admits she knows how it hurts to lose someone. Valentin returns, and Charlotte jumps into his arms. He informs Laura a judge granted him visitation. Valentin sends Charlotte off to get ice cream, and then lays into Laura for allowing Spencer to bully Charlotte. Laura defends Spencer, who she says is in pain, and slaps Valentin when he badmouths Nikolas. They glare at one another with hatred until Joss returns with Charlotte. Valentin leaves with his daughter, Laura asks Joss to get Spencer for her. Joss returns and tells Laura that Spencer is missing and nobody knows where he is. Laura calls Spencer’s driver, but he hasn’t seen the boy, and Laura fears he is missing.

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ava-side-view-disfigured-gh-abc Julian returns to Ava’s place, where he finds her with Felix. Felix has to remove her bandages, and she asks Julian to cover all the mirrors. He does as she requests, and tells Ava no matter what she looks like, she’s still Ava. She replies, “That’s what I’m afraid of.” Felix removes the bandages, and Ava notices Julian is avoiding eye contact with her. Ava dismisses Felix, and asks Julian to leave as well because she wants to be alone. He leaves, and Ava looks at her face in the mirror. She is covered in sores. She tells herself this is the definition of Karma, this is her life now and it’s her own fault.

Valentin takes Charlotte to the Metro Court for more treats. He knows she’s upset about what happened in the park and tells her that Spencer is not mad at her, but with his father for disappearing. She doesn’t want to stop going to camp because of him. Valentin promises she won’t have to see Spencer ever again. Meanwhile, Sonny gets a call from Max, but tells him, “not now,” and hangs up. Carly wants to know what that was about, and he tells her he just needs to tie up some loose ends. At their table, Jordan and Curtis agree to part amicably with no regrets.

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