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Nelle and Michael lounge in her bed and she worries about him being late for work. After they spend some time under the sheets, he agrees to let them get up to shower so she can go to work. They discuss the ad revenue he’s going to send to Crimson to justify her morning absence.

Nina and Olivia discuss marriage-GH-NBCOlivia drops by the Crimson office to inform Nina that her lease has been renewed. They discuss Olivia’s wedding and Nina gets upset. She has divorce papers from Valentin sitting on her desk. Olivia starts apologizing and wonders if Nina still loves her husband. Upset, Nina wishes she could have stood with him but she couldn’t get past her insecurities. Now it’s too late.

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Dillon asks Ned if he's getting cold feet-GH-ABCAt the Quartermaine estate, Dillon is reluctant to let Kiki leave but she has a secret project to take care of. Ned interrupts and asks after Ava. Once Kiki leaves, Ned assures his brother that Kiki is lucky to have him around for support. Dillon wonders if his brother is getting cold feet. That’s not happening. Ned is just emotional. This time he’s determined that his marriage will last. He asks Dillon to be his best man. They hug. Michael strolls in. They guess he was with a woman. Michael admits it was Nelle and swears them to secrecy. Taking up some glasses, they toast to the next generation of Quartermaines. Olivia arrives as they do this and tears up, declaring that everything is perfect. She joins them in the toast. Later, Olivia tells Ned they should invite Sonny and Carly to the wedding. “Sure, what could go wrong?” Ned says with a sigh.

Outside of Kelly’s, Anna tells Jordan how bad she feels about having to testify against Valentin. Anna doesn’t see why he should have to pay for the WSB’s failures. Andre pops up. He asks Jordan how Curtis is. She informs him that they stopped seeing each other. After Jordan leaves, Anna talks to the shrink about her mixed feelings for Valentin. He suggests she stop being so hard on herself. When she pushes him to take another look at Jordan, he shoots that down. They decide to stop feeling sorry for themselves and take off.

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Curtis tries to outwit Obrecht-GH-ABCAt the hospital, Monica worries to Finn that his plan might blow up in their faces. Hayden encourages her to allow it. The three conspire while Obrecht tries to eavesdrop. Curtis enters in disguise and asks Dr. O for instructions to the lab, claiming that he is an IT specialist. She is defensive but he eventually gets passed her. He heads for the lab and mimes using the computer. Obrecht nervously watches him through the glass. Kiki interrupts her. Obrecht asks her to find out who the man is. Back at the nurses’ station, Kiki arrives and asks Finn and the others what she should tell Obrecht. He says the truth. After she leaves, Monica quizzes Finn and Hayden about the pregnancy. Back in the lab, Kiki tells Obrecht that Finn and Hayden hired Curtis. She rushes into the lab and orders him out. He watches from the window while the doctor and nurse search for a video file. When Jordan approaches him, he pulls her into a corner. Obrecht tells Kiki about the tampering video just as Hayden, Finn and Monica arrive. They confront her. Curtis and Jordan join them and Liesl is arrested.

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Nelle arrives at Crimson. Nina is still upset. She changes the topic and they discuss Man Landers. Nina notes that Nelle is glowing and asks what Michael did to her. Nelle details their night and morning. She’s head over heels for him. They discuss the divorce and Nelle assures her that things can turn around. Nina tears up. She feels like she’s bailing on her husband but she needs to move on. She signs the papers. Later, Michael calls. Nelle invites him to dinner and he invites her to the wedding. He wants them to go official. Meanwhile, Nina gets a call. “My god!” she gasps.

Andre takes Anna to a dance studio. He puts on some disco and they dance until they end in a kiss.

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