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Amy and Nathan wait in a studio for the Man Lander’s photo shoot. Quinn and Nina arrive, so Nathan hides, and Nina wonders what Amy is doing there. Amy asks Nina the same question. Quinn invited Nina to cover the shoot for Crimson. Quinn gets a text from the photographer, who is running late needs her input, so she takes off. Nina becomes suspicious about Amy’s involvement in all of this. Amy informs her she is Ask Man Lander’s manager, but Nina isn’t buying it and discovers Nathan attempting to hide behind a screen. She figures out that Nathan is Ask Man Landers, and he admits he is the face of the brand. They explain everything to her, and Nina thinks both Amy and Nathan are incredible for wanting to help Amy’s brother, so she will keep their secret. Nina suggests she cover the book in Crimson, but as an exclusive to keep Quinn from bringing in other magazines who may expose them. When Quinn returns, Nina lets her know that Nathan and Amy have agreed to give Crimson their exclusive story. Quinn is thrilled.

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In her room at GH, Dante questions Ava about what she did to Morgan, but she has nothing to say to him. They argue, and she refuses to be punished further by him or anyone else because she’s already living in hell. Dante calls her a coward for not facing the consequences of her actions. Scott interrupts, and Dante heads out.

At Kelly’s, Kevin meets with Laura and the two discuss Spencer’s obsession with Valentin. Laura receives a call from Spencer’s driver, who informs her that Spencer asked to see Sonny. They take off.

Sonny-Spencer-hit-GH-CD At Sonny’s restaurant, Spencer asks Sonny to whack Valentin. Spencer wants justice and the peace of mind knowing he’s avenged his father. Sonny informs him he won’t get that this way. Sonny doesn’t want him to live the rest of his life knowing what he did to Valentin, and points out Nikolas wouldn’t want Spencer to do this either. Sonny knows how Spencer feels, and says revenge won’t fill the hole in his heart or bring his dad back. The boy breaks down, and Sonny gives Spencer a hug. Later, Laura and Kevin arrive to pick up Spencer. Laura threatens to ship Spencer off to a new boarding school in Montana if he doesn’t shape up. Spencer understands, and apologizes to Sonny for the trouble he caused. Sonny asks to speak with Kevin for a second, so Laura and Spencer leave. Sonny advises he keep an eye on Spencer, and that he is happy Laura found him.

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Joss-Carly-party-GH-CD At Carly’s place, Joss blasts her mother for thinking about going back to Sonny. Bobbie excuses herself so Carly can talk to her daughter alone. Joss demands to know why her mother is going back to Sonny. Carly admits she loves Sonny and they are better together than apart. Joss refuses to forgive Sonny for what he did to her father, and promises to hate him until the day she dies. Joss tells her mom to go back to Sonny, but it will be without her. She declares her wish to go live with Jax and get as far away from her mother’s dysfunctional relationship with Sonny as possible. Carly says she’ll have to speak with Jax about that, but for now she needs to get to camp. Joss storms out.

Back at GH, Scott asks Ava what Dante wanted. Ava tells him Dante wanted her to confess, which causes Scott to panic and wonder if she gave him up. Ava wouldn’t do that to him, and releases him from being in her life given what she looks like. Scott tries to argue with her, but she orders him to leave and tells him goodbye. Scott walks out. In the hall, Bobbie speaks with Dante about wanting to see Ava brought to justice. However, she also knows Ava is suffering, and suggests Dante let this go and be happy with his family. Dante might be able to, but doubts Sonny will.

Kevin-Laura-GH-CD Laura and Kevin take Spencer back to Kelly’s. Spencer claims he will accept his life the way it is for now, and is ready to just chill. Laura informs him he will do chores at Kevin’s as punishment, and tomorrow he will return to camp. Laura sends Spencer to get them some drinks, and she thanks Kevin for helping her. Kevin promises he’s not going anywhere.

Carly goes to Sonny’s restaurant to fill him in on her issues with Joss. Carly won’t give up and promises to find a way to keep both Joss and Sonny in her life.

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