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Julian-visits-Ava-GH-ABC At GH, Bobbie calls Dante to inform him that Ava is well enough to be questioned. Meanwhile, Julian visits with Ava, who is refusing to drink her breakfast shake. He tells her about Olivia allowing him to see Leo, and seeing Alexis. Ava reminds him he’s still headed to prison, but Julian explains he’s going to fight the charges and he wants her to fight too. Ava refuses because she’s hurt too many people, and she feels she’s an obligation to Kiki now. Ava has decided to confess and send herself to prison to spare Kiki, but Julian reminds her she has another daughter to think about too.

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Alexis meets with Spencer and Laura at Kelly’s because he wants to hire her to get his fortune back from Valentin. Alexis explains that Valentin’s claim to the Cassadine estate is valid, and he owns it until he is dead. Spencer asks if it goes to Charlotte when that happens, and Alexis tells him it probably does. However, Alexis points out Mikos’ original intent was for the estate to only be passed down to male heirs, which insults her as a feminist, but she could argue it as a way for Spencer to one day get the estate back. Alexis excuses herself to take a call, and Spencer frets to Laura about how much he misses Wyndemere, and how much he’s lost. Laura informs him that Wyndemere is just a house, and Nikolas lives on in their hearts. Chandler, the butler at Wyndemere, arrives and has been given permission to take a second job as Spencer’s driver thanks to Laura. She feels it will help her keep better track of her grandson. Spencer thanks Laura and then heads to camp. On their way out, Spencer asks Chandler to make a quick stop somewhere else first.

Lulu-Charlotte-Valetin-news-GH-ABC Lulu, Dante and the kids arrive at the Quartermaine mansion because Olivia has a surprise for them. The house reminds Charlotte of Wyndemere, and she asks when her papa is coming home. Lulu confesses that her father will be gone for a long time, and they don’t know when he will be home. Olivia enters in her wedding dress to show it off, and they tell her how lovely she looks. She calls them liars and knows the dress is ugly. She explains a family heirloom worn by four other Falconeri women, and she refuses to be the fifth. Olivia and Charlotte are properly introduced, and Olivia tells Charlotte that she’s her grandma, but to call her Nona. Olivia goes to change out of the dress, and when she returns asks Charlotte to be her flower girl at her wedding. Charlotte excitedly accepts.

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Joss-party-busted-GH-ABC Sonny drops Carly off at her place and says goodbye with a kiss. She heads inside where Joss greets her. Carly needs to speak with her, and Joss immediately thinks her grandmother ratted on her and claims that it wasn’t a big deal. Carly has no idea what her daughter is talking about, so Joss claims they just had a misunderstanding, and runs off to change for camp. Carly drops her phone, and when she picks it up discovers a forgotten beer bottle under a chair. Carly confronts Joss with it, and Joss spills everything about the party, the booze and the boys. Carly is furious and exclaims that there will be consequences for her poor choices. Joss throws her mother’s awful choices with Sonny in her face, and cries she had the party just to forget about all the drama. Carly confiscates Joss’ phone and orders her daughter to her room.


Back at GH, Bobbie runs into Sonny and she asks if he and Carly have worked things out in order to finalize their divorce. Sonny suggests she talk to Carly. Bobbie says she will and stomps off. In Ava’s room, Julian tries to convince his sister that Avery needs her, but Ava is determined to confess and accept her punishment. Sonny barges in, and Julian doubts he’s here to thank him for saving his life. Sonny came to inform Ava that he’s petitioning for full custody of Avery, and that he and Carly worked things out and she’ll be Avery’s only mother. Julian tosses Sonny out, and Ava asks Julian to leave her alone to think. Later, Dante arrives to question Ava.

Bobbie returns to Carly’s house, where Carly fumes that her mother didn’t tell her about Joss’ party. Bobbie had planned to tell her everything once she returned, and asks Carly about her trip and more importantly, what happened with Sonny. Carly confesses that she and Sonny are staying together, which an eavesdropping Joss overhears.

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