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Alexis-Kristina-confronting-Julian-GH-ABC Kristina finds her mother with Julian outside of Kelly’s and asks what is going on. They swear they just ran into one another, and Julian decides to go. Before he leaves he asks Kristina if she’s heard anything from her father, and explains the situation with an old associate. She wonders why he cares about her father. Kristina walks off, and Alexis thanks Julian for helping her tonight, but not to expect anything more to come of it.

At the Quartermain mansion, Finn overhears Hayden admit her worries about the life she and Finn can offer this child. Finn walks into the room, claims he just arrived, and is now convinced Obrecht is the one sabotaging him. Hayden tells him that is why Curtis is here, and he is going to help them.

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Kiki-Obrecht-hospital-GH-ABC Obrecht finds Kiki working late at GH and commends her for being a hard worker, and says she is on track for a promotion. Unfortunately, Monica is stingy with those, but Obrecht notes GH may not always be under her leadership. Kiki asks if Dr. Quartermaine is retiring, and Obrecht says not right now, but when the day comes she expects to be returned to her rightful position as Chief of Staff. When that happens, Obrecht promises to help Kiki become a nurse, if she helps her. Obrecht asks Kiki to pass on any gossip she hears.

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As Monica helps Sam pick up at her place, Jason walks through the door and Sam throws her arms around him. She notices the bandage on his arm and worries, but he promises he’s fine. He explains what happened, which infuriates her and she blames Sonny for putting him in danger again. Monica leaves them, and Jason expresses concern to Sam about her volatile reactions. He thinks she may need to see a doctor. Sam goes off the deep-end ranting and her yelling wakes up Scout. Jason fears that something is very wrong with her. She confesses something may be wrong, and that she doesn’t feel in control. She agrees to see a doctor.

carly-worries-about-a-war-gh-abc Down in Puerto Rico, Sonny promises Carly that he will get out of the mob and protect their family. Carly doesn’t think it will be that easy, and they both know the only way out is to die of old age or be killed. She says he could name a successor, but that could lead to an all-out war for his territory if they aren’t as strong as Sonny. They are interrupted by a phone call from Kristina, who checks in with her dad. She is upset and tired of these types of phone calls. Sonny promises things will change, but she doesn’t believe him and hangs up. Sonny is stunned, and again swears that he will find a way to get out of the mob. He plans to groom someone to take over for him, and it may take time, but it will happen. He calls Lucy up and informs her that he needs to sell his restaurant, and the listing is hers to work with. He believes it’s the first step to getting out. Carly professes her love to Sonny, and they kiss.

Back in Port Charles, Monica returns home to find Curtis, Hayden and Finn plotting. She wonders what they are up to, so Finn comes clean with her about his suspicions. When she learns they are out to take Obrecht down, Monica is onboard. Monica proposes a field trip to Curtis, and they depart. Finn confronts Hayden about her worries about the baby, which he admits he overheard. He knows this isn’t the perfect timing to have a baby, but they have to work with it. They kiss.

Outside of Kelly’s, Kristina thanks Julian for what he did and says her dad is safe. Julian leaves them, and the women go into Kelly’s to talk. Kristina asks what exactly is going on between her mom and Julian. Alexis admits she was feeling tempted to drink, and Julian showed up and he refused to leave her alone. Alexis claims that is all it was. Kristina worries what may have happened between them had she not come here to pick up food, and what will happen the next time her mom and Julian find themselves alone together.

Back at GH, Monica plans to show Curtis around the lab, but spots Obrecht and doesn’t want her to see him out of character. Monica gets him some clothing and disguises him as a member of the IT staff. Kiki approaches Monica and fills her in on Obrecht asking her to spy for her. Monica asks Kiki to do it.

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