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Michael and Nelle make out at her place. They head to the bedroom and have sex.

Finn and Griffin suspect Obrecht-GH-ABCAt the hospital, Obrecht visits Ava and informs her that she’s been healing. That doesn’t cheer Ava up. After Kiki arrives, Obrecht leaves. Ava tells her daughter about seeing herself in the mirror. She thinks this would all be easier if Kiki hated her and walked away. Scott interrupts and Ava asks her daughter to go. “I love you, I’m just not very good at it,” Ava says as she goes. Ava guesses the lawyer is there because he’s afraid she’ll squeal on him. He insists he’s there because he cares and warns that Dante will start digging. But Baldwin wonders what she will say about him if Sonny or the cop ask. She promises to stay quiet and asks him not to come back. Meanwhile, Griffin checks in with Finn about Hayden. Finn admits he’s not ready to be a father. Griffin is sure he’ll rise to the challenge. The other doctor tells him how he’s been coping with withdrawal and then tells him of his suspicions of Dr. O. She pops up and reminds Finn he’s not supposed to be there. Finn suggests that someone has been tampering with his tests. She waves that off with a little speech and strides away. That convinces Griffin she’s guilty. Later, Finn corners Obrecht and tells her there is something he can do about his tests. Down the hall, Kiki tells Griffin about her mixed feelings for her mother. After he advises her to do whatever gives her peace of mind, she looks in on her mother.

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Hayden asks Curtis for help-GH-ABCAt the Quartermaine estate, Hayden mopes about having morning sickness at night. She sits on a squeaky toy and throws it, accidentally hitting Curtis as he arrives. She called him there and explains how Finn’s urine tests have been tampered with and they need proof of it. He guesses she’s pregnant and congratulates her. She’s frustrated by always having to talk about the baby. “I don’t know if I want to be a mother,” she admits as Finn arrives.

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Joss and Oscar are interrupted-GH-ABCAt Carly’s, Joss and Oscar continue the small talk. She tells him about horses. He’s impressed that she likes ‘real’ things and they talk about music until they nearly kiss. Suddenly, Bobbie pulls up outside. They panic. When Bobbie arrives, she informs them that she’s already sent away the naked teens outside and boots Oscar out. Bobbie begins to lecture. Joss just wanted to have fun but promises it won’t happen again. She begs and pleads for Bobbie to stay quiet. Bobbie orders her to clean the place up.

Carly and Sonny can't live without each other-GH-ABCCarly and Sonny are kissing in Puerto Rico. She leaps away. This confuses him. She accuses him of pulling her back into his life again. Carly can’t relive their problems again. She hates caring about him. He claims he would have died if she died. “I can’t live without you,” she declares. They kiss and have sex. As they lounge in bed, he tells her that he’s getting out of the business. She doesn’t believe that’s possible.

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Alexis and Julian are lonely-GH-ABCJulian runs into Alexis at Kelly’s and asks if he can share her ice cream. He sits down and they discuss how lonely and miserable they are. She says she can get through this alone but he doesn’t think she has to. The Jerome starts talking about fate and they discuss how he helped Sonny. The lawyer wonders if that’s put him in trouble. He doesn’t think so. They worry about Sam and he asks her to keep him in the loop. He offers to drive her home so they can listen to his playlist and they can act like kids. She makes it clear that she’s not letting him in again.

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