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At the PCPD, Stella tears Jordan apart for what she did to TJ. Everyone is watching so Jordan wants to move this to the office. Stella keeps lecturing her for her shameless behavior. Curtis finally arrives to end the tirade and brings them into the interrogation room. The lecturing continues as Stella blames Jordan for everything. “Knowing different don’t mean different,” Curtis argues, insisting the truth about TJ doesn’t change anything. His auntie is unconvinced and thinks he’s stupid. She storms out. Curtis apologizes to Jordan but she thinks they should break up. She doesn’t want to destroy what’s left of his family. He kisses her and insists they are not done.

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Nelle tells Michael how lucky she is-GH-ABCAt her door, Nelle and Michael agree they had fun and should go out again some time. She kisses him and apologizes. He’s not sorry but think he should go. After she goes in, he kicks himself and walks off. She thinks she’s made a mistake and runs after him, asking him in. They have tea and discuss his childhood. He doesn’t want to keep their relationship a secret anymore and he’s happy she’s in his life. They exchange embarrassing facts about themselves. She thinks he’s the best person she’s ever known. They make out.

Joss is shocked-GH-ABCJoss is at home chatting with her grandma on the phone until her friend, Trina, arrives with drinks and wants some vodka for mixing. Joss won’t drink. Trina texts some guys to bring them beer. About ten of them soon arrive, including the boy Joss likes, Oscar (played by Rio Mangini). Trina organizes the guests and pushes Joss to approach Oscar. The guests realize there is a hot tub and run out. She and Oscar discuss her family. She hopes Sonny won’t be part of it much longer. They share their problems with their parents, then drink and sit together awkwardly.

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Carly is nearly shot-GH-ABCIn Puerto Rico, Carly is about to walk out for some air when Garvey points a gun at her and Sonny. Garvey explains that Sonny’s people killed his brother and he’s there for payback. When Sonny taunts him, Garvey turns the gun on the mobster. Carly shoves him and then Corinthos rushes him. Carly grabs a gun and takes a shot. She misses. Jason pops up and shoots Garvey. They notice Jason was grazed. It was Carly’s shot that did it. The cops take Garvey away. Soon, they call Sonny to say they will extradite Garvey after he recovers and then charge him with attempted murder. Sonny and Jason tease Carly about her marksmanship and then toast to Jason’s timing. Jason explains that Julian tipped him off.

TJ runs into Stella outside of Kelly’s. They discuss how hard it was for him to process the truth. He gets her a drink and explains that his feelings for his mom haven’t changed, no matter how much she’s messed up. She can understand why Curtis did what he did. TJ says that’s a good start.

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Monica asks Sam why Jason left-GH-ABCAt the Quartermaine estate, Sam asks Monica to keep the kids for another night. She needs to get to Puerto Rico to rescue Jason from rescuing Sonny. Monica thinks Jason can take care of himself. Sam feels like they are still trapped in Sonny’s life. As she complains about this, she imagines Sonny threatening her. Monica notices she’s off and suggests she get some rest. Imaginary Sonny continues to taunt her until Jason calls to say everything is taken care of. Her vision of Sonny continues to push her and she promises to stop him from dragging Jason back into his business.

Back in Puerto Rico, Jason heads for the jet. Sonny tells Carly he would die before he’d let anything happen to her. They kiss. She pushes him away.

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