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In the park, Spencer catches Laura agreeing to move in with Kevin. The kid asks Kevin what his intentions are. The shrink pledges they are honorable and explains that he’s in this for the long haul. They’ve been married before, so they aren’t rushing anything. But if they get married, it will be forever. Spencer questions his grandmother and worries that she may be moving in with the doctor to solve their housing problem. She assures him that’s not it. Spencer agrees to their new arrangements. Meanwhile, Nelle gets a surprise call about a job. She was referred for it.

Griffin asks Sonny if he plans to kill Ava - GH-ABCGriffin drops by the Corinthos compound to ask Sonny if he’s planning to kill Ava. The dimpled don doesn’t want to hear a lecture and insists he’s not plotting to kill her. He thinks the universe is balancing the scales. Griffin insists no soul is beyond redemption. Sonny points out that Griffin doesn’t know what it feels like to lose a child. He wonders if the priest has forgiven Julian. Griffin has no response to that but will pray for Sonny to find peace. Corinthos says Ava has no soul to be redeemed. When Griffin leaves, Sonny gets a call that irritates him.

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Carly tells Michael she's planning an amicable split-GH-ABCCarly corners Michael at the Quartermaine estate to explain she’s going to sign Sonny’s possessions back to him. She thinks they should have an amicable break-up. He’s relieved to hear it. As they hug, Nelle arrives. She spots Carly and hides, making a noise. Michael covers. Mother and son talk about Nelle’s testimony and she grills him about his feelings for her. He’s vague. She’s sure Nelle will hurt him if he lets her into his life. Sonny calls and asks to see Carly immediately. She takes off and Nelle comes out of hiding. They discuss her popping up and she explains that an ELQ subsidiary called her. He admits he may have given them her name. She turned the job down because of his mom. Michael won’t live his life to please his mom. He makes it clear that he considers them to be ‘seeing each other’ but Nelle refuses to discuss their relationship status.

When Carly gets to Sonny’s, he tells her there is an issue at the casino on the island. She needs to see to it since she owns it. He offers to jet down with her. She makes him swear it’s strictly business.

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Ava doesn't want to go on-GH-ABCAt the hospital, Sam is shaken after a vision. She lectures Jason for nearly getting himself killed on the roof. Sam hears a voice telling her that he’s not safe. She accuses Jason of not putting his family first. He promises to fix things. Meanwhile, Ava calls Epiphany in, wanting more pain meds. She doesn’t know how long she can go on. Julian arrives to see his sister and the nurse leaves them alone. He spots her DNR. She wonders if he’ll put her out her misery and tells her about Sonny’s visit. Julian encourages her not to quit, that would be giving Sonny what he wants. He takes her hand and promises to be with her through her suffering. Epiphany returns and he exits. Julian bumps into Griffin in the corridor. The mobster says he’s trying to atone for the mistakes he’s made. Back in Ava’s room, Epiphany changes her bandages. Ava asks for a mirror to see how she looks. The nurse tries talking her out of it but fails. She hands Ava a mirror. Ava starts screaming.

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Olivia tells Ned Diane won't take her case-GH-ABCOlivia is ranting as she gets off the phone at the Metro Court. She complains to Ned about Diane turning down her case due to a conflict of interest. Ned’s not sure a custody suit is the right way to go. He points out that she could lose sole custody if she takes this to court. The topic changes to them moving in together once they get married. He suggests the first week of July for the wedding. Olivia is eager for her son to have Ned’s name. Ned insists that it’s love, not symbols, that make a family.

At home, Jason and Sam discuss her worries. She thinks she just hasn’t been sleeping enough. She’s sorry for snapping at him earlier. After they have sex and fall asleep, the voice returns and wakes her up, warning that her family is in danger. Sam gets out of bed and fetches a knife to hide under her pillows.

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