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olivia-Julian-GH-ABC At the Metro Court, Olivia is stunned to see Julian out on bail. He asks to see his son, and she refuses because he doesn’t know Julian and it will only confuse him. She asks Julian to let Ned adopt Leo because that would be the best thing for him, but Julian believes Leo needs his father. The two argue, and Olivia informs him that he has no right to Leo anymore. Alexis walks up and tells Olivia that Julian does have a right to see his son. Olivia can’t believe Alexis is defending Julian after all he’s done to her, and that she’s falling for Julian’s garbage and lies all over again. She won’t let Alexis put her son in danger just to prove to Julian that she still loves him.

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crying-Nurse-Amy-GH-ABC Outside of Kelly’s, Nathan overhears a tearful Amy on the phone promising someone to come up with a new plan to keep them afloat. He asks her if there is something he can help with. She snaps at him for snooping on a private call, and reminds him that he already refused to help her. Nathan tries to explain, but is interrupted by Dillon who asks to talk to Amy about planning their high school reunion. Amy lashes out and doesn’t care about high school or seeing any of those people again. She storms off, and both Dillon and Nathan wonder what is up. Nathan feels something is going on with her and questions Dillon about Amy back in high school. He asks if Dillon knew her family. Dillon says she had a brother Chad who was a football star and an all-around great guy, but he was injured somehow in his freshman year at college and he never heard about him again. Nathan searches through police databases for news about Chad and feels terrible over what he learns. He finds Amy back inside Kelly’s and tells her that he believes he knows what is going on with her.

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Jake-Costa-candymachine-GH-ABC At GH, Sam runs into Griffin while looking for her doctor, and she admits been feeling tired and sick. He takes her into an exam room and questions her about her symptoms. Griffin suspects she’s suffering from PTSD after what she went through with Olivia Jerome and how she gave birth to Scout. Sam disagrees because she’s been through worse and survived. Griffin asks her to at least make an appointment with Dr. Lee. She agrees to and leaves. Elsewhere, Costa spies on Liz and Jake. Liz gives him some money to get something from the vending machine as a reward for doing so well today. He heads there and runs into Costa. Jake is mesmerized when he looks at his face. Liz calls out to him, and Costa zips off quickly.

Jason-Spinelli-hack-GH-ABC At the warehouse, Jason recognizes the photo of Costa that Spinelli finds is that of Helena’s henchman. Jason worries he may still be in town. Spinelli hacks into his credit cards and finds out Costa is in town and bought a set of scrubs just yesterday.

Back at the hospital, Liz gets a call from Jason and he advises her to take Jake and lock themselves in a room immediately because the man who works for Helena could be there. Liz finds Griffin and asks for his help after explaining the situation. They all hide out in an exam room. Meanwhile, Costa lurks about, and Jason arrives and finds the PCPD already on patrol and searching for Helena’s henchman. Costa overhears that the police are looking for him and escapes in an elevator just as Jason spots him. Jason chases him up to the roof where he corners Costa and demands answers. Costa claims all he did was what he was ordered to do, and he was never paid to ask questions. Costa suggests they both walk away and leave it, but Jason refuses and they come to blows.

Sam runs into her mother, Julian and Oliva arguing at the Metro Court and asks what is going on. Olivia tells Sam that her mother is defending Julian again, which upsets Sam. Sam sides with Olivia and can’t believe her mother is defending Julian. Olivia says she’ll see Julian and Alexis in court and walks off. Sam informs her mother that she has nothing more to say to her or her client and leaves. Julian thanks Alexis for being on his side, and he won’t ask her to represent her if he and Olivia end up in a custody battle. Alexis heads over to Sam, who is waiting at a table to meet Jason. Sam is horrified with her mother and asks her to just leave her alone. Alexis suspects something is wrong because Sam isn’t acting like herself.

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