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Stella is not thrilled to see Jordan show up on Curtis’ doorstep. He confesses that they are seeing each other. Stella blames her for everything that happened to Tommy. Curtis begs his auntie to play nice. She thinks he’s a fool. Jordan understands why she’s so angry. Stella accuses her of conspiring to kill Tommy. Curtis blurts out that Shawn killed him in self-defense. He tells her the whole story and how he set it in motion. Stella believes it and tells him not to blame himself. She still blames Jordan. The cop takes the blame. She hates herself for what she did and runs off to the bathroom in tears. Stella is not in the mood to make peace. When Jordan returns, Stella yells at her to leave Curtis alone. “Until this is over, there will be no peace,” Stella says, wagging her finger and then walking out the door. Once she’s gone, Curtis hopes that Jordan is not letting his auntie get to her.

Hayden complains about children-GH-ABCHayden stops by Finn’s and complains about the children. Practicing motherhood was a disaster. He tries to calm her down and explains that his test came back positive. She believes him when he says he’s clean. They need a distraction so they head to the shower. Later, as they dry out, they think about who must be framing him. They guess it must be Obrecht. They’re not sure how they will get evidence so they have sex.

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Dante questions Lucy-GH-ABCAt the PCPD, Scott meets with Julian to talk defense. Julian held his granddaughter last night and realized he wants a peaceful new life. Jerome gets a text about Ava and leaves. In the interrogation room, Dante questions Lucy about why she had Morgan’s pill bottle. She explains that she thought Ava and Morgan were sleeping together again. The cop says there was no affair and tells her about Ava swapping out the meds. Lucy is disgusted. He explains that they were switched while she had them. She realizes Scott must have done it. Moments later, the cop calls Scott in. Lucy explains that the lawyer must have done it. The cop puts things together. Scott refuses to say anything and advises Lucy to be quiet. She’s not and demands to know if he was really heartless enough to do it. Scott tells Dante they have nothing. The cop vows to build a case against him.

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Carly comforts Kiki-GH-ABCAt the hospital, Ava flatlines while Kiki, Dillon, Carly and Sonny watch. Carly holds Kiki while the defibrillating commences. She hates her mom but she’s not ready for her to die. Eventually, Griffin manages to stabilize Ava. Later, he tells Kiki that they still don’t know if her mother will live but they are doing all they can. After he heads off, Carly and Sonny tell Kiki that they will be there for her. They leave her with Dillon. He encourages her to tell her mom how she feels before it’s too late. Kiki goes in. Julian arrives and watches as Kiki cries, hoping she’s not too late. She hates what Ava did to Morgan but still loves her. As she sobs, Ava grips her hand. Meanwhile, Julian wonders if there is divine justice. He could be set free, but his sister may die.

Sonny takes Carly back to her place. He thinks Ava’s getting what she deserves but seeing Kiki suffer is lousy. Carly wishes she could help. But if Ava dies, she thinks they might have some peace. Sonny asks if it means peace for them too. They kiss.

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