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Carly and Sonny meet at GH and discuss going ahead with their plan to prosecute Ava. Sonny hates to admit it, but they will need Nelle’s help because she caught Ava in Morgan’s room. Carly doubts Nelle will help them, but Sonny thinks she will because she owes them. Michael-wants-ava-pay-GH-ABC Meanwhile, Michael arrives in Nelle’s room because she’s being released today. He admits he likes her and he wants to get to know her better. Michael brings Nelle up to date with what happened to Ava and her part in Morgan’s death. He still wants to see Ava pay, though wouldn’t wish her burns on anyone. Nelle understands now that justice and suffering aren’t the same thing. She has remorse for what she did to his family. Michael thinks they get one another, and hopes she stays in town. She tells him she isn’t going anywhere. They lean in for a kiss, but are interrupted by Carly and Sonny. Sonny asks Nelle what she remembers about seeing Ava in Morgan’s room. Nelle recounts everything she remembers, and offers to give a deposition if need be. Carly thanks Nelle, and she and Sonny leave. In Ava’s room, Ava hallucinates and has a vision of herself telling her that she’s gotten exactly what she deserves for what she did to Morgan. Her hallucination says Kiki has turned her back on her, Julian will likely go to prison, and her appearance will only frighten Avery. The hallucination suggests she give up and let go, and suddenly Ava flat-lines.

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Kiki-lashes-out-GH-ABC At Perk’s, Dillon refuses to let Kiki push him away. He understands she hates Ava for what she did, but she’s going to have to see her because she’s still her mom. Dillon reminds her that she stood by him during everything that happened with his father, so he will be here for her. She smiles. At a nearby table, Jordan meets with TJ and tells him that she and Curtis are officially a couple. TJ is cool with that and just wants her to be happy.

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Aunt-Stella-GH-ABC At Curtis’ place, Aunt Stella rants about Jordan, and says she’s the reason she hasn’t visited until now. Stella is sure that Jordan will poison TJ against her, but Curtis assures her that Jordan won’t do that. Curtis says Jordan loves TJ and wouldn’t want to ruin their connection and the fond memories he has of her. Stella still blames her adultery for what got Thomas killed. Curtis changes the subject and suggests she cook him up a birthday dinner. She agrees, and he heads to the kitchen to see what they’ll need. There is a knock at the door, and Stella answers it. She’s stunned to find Jordan there with a gift and saying, “Happy birthday baby!”

Alex sneaks in to see Valentin at the police station and he immediately knows it is her. He doesn’t want anything to do with her, but Alex tells him she is here to help him get his freedom. Alex explains she is the only witness against him, and he is the only witness against her. She thinks if they are both silent then it is a win for both of them. Alex suggests once the WSB drops the charges against him that he should come find her. He asks why he’d do that. Alex claims because it was her that he wanted all this time, not Anna. Alex slips out and later, Anna drops by to see Valentin. Valentin reiterates Alex’s talking points to her that the WSB has no case against him, and this is nothing but a show trial. Anna says all she is here to do is hand him over to the transport team, which is coming for him in a few minutes. Valentin had hoped he’d see Charlotte before he left to explain why he was going away. He asks Anna to make a video of him for Charlotte on her phone, and she agrees. Valentin records a goodbye message to Charlotte and explains he’s going on a trip for a while, and he doesn’t want her to worry about him. He reminds her they’ll always be connected through their special star Polaris, and he will see her again someday. The men from the WBS arrive and pick Valentin up. Valentin reminds Anna to give his message to Charlotte.

Back at GH, Kiki and Dillon arrive just as Ava flat-lines. Sonny and Carly stand outside Ava’s room with Kiki and Dillon while the doctors work to save her. Back in Nelle’s room, Nelle admits to Michael that she is impressed Carly put her hatred for her aside to help Morgan, but doubts she will like them being friends. Michael says they are more than that.

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