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Jordan surprises Curtis by showing up at his place with a cupcake for his birthday. The two have sex, and after Jordan leaves for work. Later, Curtis’ Aunt Stella (played by Vernee Watson) appears at his door for a visit with luggage in tow. She wants to know everything that has been going on in his life, including if he’s dating anyone. He quickly changes the subject and asks where she is staying, and she tells him, “With you!” Aunt Stella can’t wait to see TJ, and just hopes she doesn’t cross paths with his sorry excuse of a mother.

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At the hospital, Obrecht eavesdrops on Finn and Hayden, who discuss his being able to return to work once his latest drug screen comes back. Meanwhile, Liz arrives with Cam, who isn’t able to go home because the house is being fumigated. Hayden offers to let Cam hang out with her because she has the day off. Liz isn’t sure, but eventually agrees.

At Lulu’s place, Spencer tells Laura that he believes he can return to Port Charles permanently now that Valentin is in custody. Laura feels they should wait to see if the charges against Valentin stick.

Valentin-jail-Dante-Lulu-GH-JJ At the PCPD, Lulu and Dante visit Valentin to discuss Charlotte’s care. Valentin states that Charlotte will be fine with Nina. Lulu realizes Valentin doesn’t know, and tells him it was Nina who turned him in. Lulu begs Valentin to do what is best for Charlotte and tell their daughter that she needs to stay with them while he is away. He agrees on the condition that he will tell Charlotte why he is leaving and they have to back up whatever excuse he comes up with. They agree and thank him.

Mac-Anna-meet-GH-JJ Anna meets with Mac in the park. He is worried about how Valentin’s arrest may be hitting her. She doesn’t believe Valentin is as evil as the WSB is making him to be, and blames Alex for the majority of what happened. Mac asks Anna if she will be okay to testify if called on. Anna has no actual proof against Valentin other than what he told her, and the case rests with Alex. Later, Anna gets a call from Robert and finds out Alex has escaped.

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Nina-Nathan-talk-GH-JJ Nina meets Nathan at Perk’s Café. She feels guilty about turning Valentin in because he made her happy and gave her a family. She admits she may not be able to turn her back on him.

Laura arrives with Spencer at the hospital. Spencer spots Hayden and the two share a big hug. Laura tells Hayden and Liz about how Spencer conned his way out of school and secretly came home. Spencer says hello to Cameron, and Cameron brags to him about how he got to hang out with Emma last week. Laura has to get to a board meeting, so Hayden offers to take Spencer with her and Cameron. Meanwhile, Griffin seeks Finn out and asks for his help with Ava’s case. Obrecht swoops in and reminds them that Dr. Finn is still not on staff. Finn asks Obrecht to put her dislike for him aside so they can help the patient. Later, Griffin tells Finn that his latest drug screen came back positive.

Cam-Spencer-Hayden-GH-JJ Hayden takes the boys to Perk’s for treats, where they order a bunch of sugar-laced caffeine drinks. The boys quickly begin to bicker as usual and end up in a full-on food fight, forcing Hayden to call Laura and beg for help. Laura quickly arrives and scolds the boys for making a mess of the café. She orders them to clean the place up, and asks Hayden what happened. Hayden breaks down and admits she’s pregnant and now has no idea what kind of mother she’s going to be if she can’t watch two middle-school boys. Laura congratulates her and assures her that she can do this. Hayden asks Laura not to tell Liz the news yet.

Back at the station, Nina visits with Valentin, and admits she told the police where to find him. Valentin says he was going to send for her, and they could have been together and happy. She mutters that now they’ll never know. Valentin reminisces to the last time she turned him in after they first met. Nina says the difference is this time he isn’t getting out of the charges. Nina serves Valentin with divorce papers because what they had is over. After she walks out on him, Valentin is shocked by his next visitor.

Lulu and Dante return home, and Lulu worries about the day Charlotte learns what really happened to Valentin and that she may blame her.

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