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Anna arrives at the Falconeri house and tells Lulu, Laura and Dante that Valentin and Charlotte may be at Niagara Falls. Anna is headed there now, and Dante and Lulu decide to accompany her. Laura stays behind to watch Rocco, and later Spencer returns home and surprises his grandma. Laura asks how he got there. He explains he fooled the school into releasing him for a family emergency back home, and booked his own plane tickets with his phone apps. Spencer has returned to avenge his father’s death, vanquish Valentin and reclaim Wyndemere. Laura insist he is not to try and fight with his uncle, and she is going to have to send him back to France. Spencer refuses to go back, and calls anyplace that keeps him away from his beloved grandmother and Gino’s pizza a prison. Laura agrees to let Spencer to stay for the time being.

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In their cabin at Niagara Falls, Valentin tells Charlotte about a new game they are going to play. He explains as part of the game they get new names and life stories, and the only way to win is to never stop playing. There is a knock at the door, so Valentin sends Charlotte to her room. A man from the resort explains that someone at the front desk was asking about a man and his daughter, and because of his generosity he did not reveal anything to them. Valentin pays him for his trouble and tells Charlotte it’s time for them to go and begin playing the game. Before they can leave, Anna, Lulu and Dante turn up at the door. Anna tells Valentin to do right by Charlotte, so he tells the girl that her mother is going to take her home. She asks when he will come to get her. He explains he has business to take care of, but will see her soon. Lulu and Dante leave with Charlotte, and Valentin breaks down in tears. Anna chastises him for running with Charlotte, but giving her up like he just did reminded her of the good man she knew. Valentin knows that won’t matter to the courts. He pulls a gun on Anna and says he has to disappear. Anna refuses to let him get away and jumps him. They fight, the gun goes off and shatters a mirror. Valentin sees his distorted reflection in it, and it brings back his painful past. Valentin stops fighting. Anna cuffs him and places him under arrest.

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At GH, Julian makes an attempt to talk to Lucas. He knows his son has compassion for his patients, and hopes he still has some for his father. Lucas assures Julian he does not, and he will answer any questions he has about Ava, but that is it. Lucas wishes his father luck in prison.

Alexis meets with Sam and Scout at Perk’s Café. Alexis worries about Sam, who admits she’s exhausted taking care of Scout. Alexis offers to watch Scout and tells her to go to the spa or do something for herself. Sam is reluctant at first, but agrees. Later, Julian runs into Alexis with Scout. He promises he’s not stalking her and he’ll leave to give her space. Scout begins to giggle, and Julian smiles upon seeing her. Alexis introduces him and allows Julian to hold his granddaughter. He tells her about his tense run-in with Lucas, and that he deserves his son’s anger and everything else he has coming. Alexis feels his acknowledging the pain he’s caused as a positive step. He promises to prove to her that he’s changed and he is worthy of her love. He knows she loves him still, but Alexis states that sometimes love isn’t enough. Julian tells Scout that he’s not sure when he’ll see her again, maybe at her wedding if he gets paroled one day. Alexis has to get going, and she and Scout say goodbye to Julian. After they leave, Julian makes a call to Scott to discuss something important.

Sonny and Jason drink at Jason’s place. They talk about Ava and Morgan. Jason believes that confronting Ava with Carly may have brought the couple closer, and not to give up hope.

Sam goes to the spa to get a massage, but is haunted by a voice telling her something is wrong and her family is not safe.

Sam heads home, and Jason asks if she forgot their baby. She explains Alexis has her, and she went to try and relax and have a massage. However, it had the opposite effect and she’s tenser now. Jason holds her.

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