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Nathan arrives at Lulu’s where she and Anna have been waiting for news about Valentin and Charlotte. They can’t issue an amber alert because nothing illegal has happened. Dante arrives and his wife weeps to him. The PCPD is looking for him and Anna thinks Nathan can get a tip from Nina. They leave the couple alone. Lulu blames herself. Dante tries to calm her and she remembers that Charlotte has a phone.

Valentin takes Charlotte to Niagara Falls-GH-ABCValentin and Charlotte arrive at a cabin in Niagara Falls. She’s thrilled but wonders where Nina is. He explains she’s a little angry with him and they need to stay away while things get sorted out. Charlotte didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to Lulu so he hands her a postcard. When she goes off to fill it in, he makes a call. When he steps out, Lulu calls the little girl. Before Charlotte can say where she is, her father interrupts. He gets on the line and shuts it down before the call can be traced. He sends his daughter off to plan their day as his dude comes by with fake passports.

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Anna pressures Nina for information-GH_ABCNina mopes at Perks as she thinks of her husband. She calls the hospital to check on him. He’s gone. Nathan joins her and Anna follows, asking her to help them find Valentin. Devane puts on the pressure. Nina blames Alex for all of this and defends what her husband did. She knows he made a mistake but he’s changed. Anna gets a call from Lulu who fills her in about the call. The cops ask Nina where Charlotte wanted to go. She suggests they try Bulgaria. Her brother keeps pressuring her. “Niagara Falls,” Nina says. Anna gets on the phone.

Ava begs Sonny to kill her -GH-ABCIn Ava’s hospital room, Sonny tells her she deserves what she’s getting. She begs him to kill her. He wishes he’d killed her before but won’t do it now. That’s too merciful. Maybe he’ll switch out her morphine for placebos instead. Griffin interrupts and he’s not happy with what he sees. After the mobster leaves, Ava tells the doctor she can’t go on. He says the skin grafts will start in a few days and the operations will go on for many years. Speaking as a priest, he tells her that faith can be a comfort. He offers to pray with her. She thanks him and he takes her hand. They say a Hail Mary.

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Jason and Carly discuss Ava-GH-ABCAt home, Jason calls Liz to check on Jake. When he gets off the line, Carly shows up. She tells him about what Ava did to Morgan and how she was burned in the fire after they confronted her. He advises her to steer clear of Ava. She will, but doubts Sonny will. They discuss what happened with his son and then Sonny shows up. Jason apologizes for not digging into Morgan’s erratic behavior. Sonny tells them that the best punishment for Ava is leaving her alive. Carly is furious and storms out.

Laura and Liz discuss Jake-GH-ABCLaura drop by Liz’s to check on Jake. He’s asleep. Liz shows her the receipt that came with the magic set. They have tea and Laura assures her she’s not a bad mother. Liz is still in a state of disbelief but the other woman tells her that her love saved her son and everyone else. She explains how Valentin nearly died and how hard his presence is on Lulu. Liz suggests that some people can find redemption.

Laura arrives at Lulu’s and is informed of what’s happened. Dante promises his wife they will find her daughter.

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