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Valentin wakes up in the hospital and tells a nurse he’s eager to get out. She goes off to see what she can do. Down the hall, Griffin visits Ava and assures her they are taking good care of her. Meanwhile, Alexis runs into Julian in the waiting room. Seeing what happened to his sister has him tearing up. She gives him a hug and says she’s there for him. Alexis explains that her license has been reinstated. He offers her a hug but she says one was enough. Griffin arrives and informs them that Ava is awake. Julian goes in to see his sister and tells her Kiki was there all night. She starts to murmur in pain and Griffin sends Julian out.

Anna and Lulu discuss what's next for Charlotte-GH-ABCAnna is with Lulu in her kitchen. Falconeri explains she’s told Charlotte little about what happened to Valentin and wonders what’s next. Anna explains that if Lulu doesn’t get custody, Charlotte could become a ward of the state. She gets a text, ordering her to arrest Valentin. After she leaves, the Cassadine arrives at the door to pick up his daughter. Lulu warns that he’s about to be arrested and urges him to make sure she has secondary custody before he leaves the country. She leaves for a moment. When she returns, Valentin and his daughter are gone.

Sonny tells Kiki what her mom did-GH-ABCKiki visits Sonny at Casa Corinthos. He’s sure what happened to her mom must be hard on her. She just wants to know what Ava did to Morgan. Sonny fills her in on the details. Kiki freaks out when she realizes her mom did it for her. Later, Sonny brings Avery in to see her sister. After their brief visit, Kiki vents about her mom to the mobster. She remembers Ava telling her she did something for her and realizes she was confessing to what she did to Morgan. Kiki makes Sonny promise to protect Avery from her mom.

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Nathan confronts Amy-GH-ABCNathan corners Amy at Kelly’s and confronts her about the news that Man Landers got a book deal. Kristina joins them and the cop explains their problem. He asks Amy for a reason why he shouldn’t arrest her for identity theft. The nurse has taken the picture down and promises to make sure it doesn’t resurface. He leaves for work. Amy is sure everything will be fine, but Nathan had the perfect face for her brand. Kristina encourages her to take credit for her own creation. Amy gets a text from her publisher. They want to meet Man Landers.

Carly and Kristina discuss Morgan-GH-ABCCarly runs into Kristina at Perks. They discuss what happened to Ava. They both agree that Ava is getting what she deserves. After Kristina says what a good brother Morgan was, she gets back to work. Andre appears. Carly thanks him for all of his help and the shrink tells her how unconscionable Ava has been. Carly has to face the fact that no matter what happens, her son isn’t coming back. Sonny shows up and thanks Andre. Once the doctor is gone, the parents discuss how Perks makes them feel closer to their dead son. Sonny assures her that Ava is not done suffering. She’s not so sure, but he is. After he strides off, Kiki walks by and tells Carly how sorry she is. Carly doesn’t blame her and gives her a hug.

Ava wakes up in the hospital-GH-ABCWhen Anna arrives at the hospital, a nurse informs her that Valentin has signed himself out. She calls Nathan over to start searching. Griffin overhears this and wonders why Anna isn’t more furious Valentin has escaped. She insists he wasn’t responsible for what happened. She thinks Helena set him up. The doctor can’t believe she’s starting to feel sorry for him. Anna blames her sister more than Valentin. Lulu calls, flipping out that Charlotte was taken by her father. Down the hall, Sonny drops in on Ava. He says she’s sealed her own fate. “Kill me,” she begs.

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At home, Alexis is startled to catch Julian leaving her flowers. She wonders if he’s looking for a lawyer to protect him in his war with Sonny. He admits he’d like to make Sonny suffer the way his sister is but he can’t blame him for this. The lawyer is not convinced he won’t return to the cycle of violence. He only did it to protect the people he loved, but now there is no one. Julian asks if there is any hope for them. Loving her made him a better man. She’s not ready to believe they can work it out.

Nathan and Anna arrive at Lulu’s. She admits that she tipped Valentin off about his impending arrest.

Valentin and his daughter are in a garage. He tells her they are going somewhere special.

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