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Hayden-Finn-baby-GH-ABC In his room at the Metro Court, Finn tries to help Hayden deal with her morning sickness. He brings up the townhouse he’s closing on, and points out there is plenty of room for her and the baby there. Hayden thinks he’s getting ahead of himself because they haven’t even discussed living together or what the future holds. Finn wonders if she is questioning if they have a future.

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Nelle-hospital-kidney-GH-ABC Nelle wakes up at GH and finds Michael asleep in the chair in her room. He comes too and gets her some water. She thanks him for staying the night and lets him off the hook of sticking around. Michael wants to take care of her and admits he cares about her. He says when he found her on the pier that it scared the hell out of him, and he doesn’t want to be off the hook for liking her. Outside of Ava’s room, Bobbie informs Kiki that her mother has extensive injuries and the next few hours are critical. Dillon stays by Kiki’s side as they watch the doctors try to stabilize Ava. Bobbie-Dillon-Ava-burn-GH-ABC Bobbie suggests Kiki call Ava’s mother, but Kiki wants to wait until there is more news first. Bobbie advises Kiki that as Ava’s closest relative she will have to make many decisions about her mother’s care moving forwards, and she offers to get a patient care advocate to help Kiki deal with the process. Bobbie leaves and strolls by Nelle’s room where she sees Michael inside. Bobbie knocks and interrupts to talk to Michael.

At the police station, Diane serves Jordan with a cease and desist order on behalf of Sonny and suggests they focus on bringing Ava to justice. Julian, who is being released on bail, is there and asks what his sister has done. Diane is stunned to learn Julian is being let go and storms out. Julian asks Jordan about Ava. Jordan tells him she’s in critical condition at the hospital after being trapped in a fire.

Dante drops by Sonny’s place to give him the news that the Fire Marshal’s report confirmed his account of what happened in the warehouse. Dante asks if he’s checked on Ava for Avery’s sake, which pushes Sonny’s buttons. Sonny doesn’t care what happens to Ava, and wants Ava and Scott to be brought to justice for what happened to Morgan. Dante tells his father it’s not his case, and nobody is in a hurry to prosecute Ava given her condition.

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Diane-Alexis-lawyer-news-GH-ABC Diane drops by Alexis place and gives her the news that her license has been reinstated. They hug, and Alexis promises her friend she won’t screw up again. Diane does have bad news and reveals Julian is out on bail.

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At GH, Bobbie tells Michael that he needs to contact his parents because they have news about Morgan. He leaves and she checks Nelle’s charts and states that she should be out of GH soon and can leave town as planned. They argue, and Nelle swears she’s not trying to cause her family or Michael any more pain. Bobbie suggests she make a fresh start for herself elsewhere, because Michael doesn’t care for her, he pities her. Meanwhile, a nurse asks Kiki if Ava has a living will. Kiki doesn’t know. Julian arrives and knows his sister’s wishes. He asks if they can see her, and they are allowed in one at a time. Julian sits with Ava first because Kiki can’t face her mother given what she did to Morgan.

At Sonny’s, Dante warns his father that one day Avery will ask what happened to her mother. Sonny says he’ll tell her the truth and hope his love for his daughter is enough. Dante leaves and Michael arrives and learns the truth about Morgan’s death. Michael worries his father may intervene and make sure Ava dies one way or another, and suggests he think about the price they’d all pay. Later, Kiki arrives and asks Sonny for the truth about her mother.

Dante returns to the PCPD and learns from Jordan that the case against Ava is not a priority given her situation. She’s more concerned that Julian will want payback against Sonny. Dante believes he knows someone who can keep Julian cool.

At Alexis’ place, Diane warns Alexis to stay away from Julian. Alexis thinks he’s probably on his way here, but Diane tells her he’s likely at GH because of Ava’s condition. Diane begs her not to blow her second chance over Julian.

At the Metro Court, Finn assures Hayden that he wants them to be a family. She smiles, wishes he had said that to begin with, and they kiss.

Alexis arrives at GH and runs into Julian.

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