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At the Falconeri home, Anna explains to Lulu and Laura that Valentin was shot and what happened with the Chimera. The women ask Anna what the Cassadine had to do with it but she’s evasive and leaves. Laura points out that if Valentin dies, things will be better for them and Lulu has nothing to feel guilty about. Lulu would rather not see Charlotte suffer.

In a room at the Metro Court, Jordan and Curtis stop sex so he can catch his breath. She says it was amazing. It took her a long time to figure out what she wanted. After a little banter, he offers to make her speechless. After some more sex, they have orange juice and she gets a text from Anna. She needs to go to work. He hates to let her go but she promises to make it up to him. After she leaves, he takes the dishes out to the hall and bumps into Grace. She asks him if he’s exclusive or wants to have a drink with her. He declines the offer and she saunters off.

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In the PCPD interrogation room, Carly and Sonny tell Dante they have nothing to hide. He questions them about what happened and they explain what Ava did to Morgan. Sonny insists that he didn’t try to kill Ava. They called 911 after they left. After Dante leaves them alone, Carly worries about Diane not being there. Sonny tells her not to waste time with that. They discuss what Ava put their son through. She wonders what they’ll do if Ava lives. Sonny is sure the cops will put her away. Even though they know why their son died, that hasn’t made the grief any less.

Valentin wakes up in a hospital bed with Nina beside him. She informs him he’s going in for surgery and he saved her life. He wants her to promise to remember he loves her. Nina knows how much. He asks her to check on his daughter. She kisses him and heads out, running into Nathan in the hall. The cop wants to discuss her husband but she needs to go and jumps on the elevator. Soon, Anna shows up and fills Nathan in on what happened with the Chimera. Thanks to Valentin, she destroyed it and saved Nina. Jordan joins them and Anna repeats the story to her. Anna heads down the hall to see Valentin. The bullet passed through him and no organs were damaged. She’s destroyed the Chimera but he will be charged with treason and shipped to prison for the rest of his life. Anna holds his hand. Meanwhile, Kiki does her rounds. Dillon drops by with coffee. They discuss how intense her mom was earlier. Kiki doesn’t want to get sucked into her drama. Epiphany goes over and explains that the burn patient being brought in from the ER is Ava. Kiki wants to see her but the nurse tells her it’s too soon. She has second and third degree burns over fifty percent of her body and could die. Kiki asks the nurse to tell her mother that she loves her. After Epiphany walks off, Dante walks by and tells Kiki what happened to her mom and her connection to Morgan’s death. Kiki cries.

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Nina worries about Valentin-GH-ABCNina shows up at Lulu’s to check on Charlotte. She tells them that Valentin is a hero. They explain that everything that happened tonight was her husband’s fault. Nina shakes her head but Laura insists it’s true and Lulu says Charlotte could have been exposed to the toxin. Nina flashes back to her husband telling her that he’d done bad things. She decides he must be guilty and asks Lulu not to tell Charlotte about this. Nina runs off in shock.

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