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Helenas-Ghost-GH-ABC At the Metro Court ballroom, everyone tries to keep Jake cool while he brandishes the Chimera on stage. Helena’s ghost goads him into activating it. Valentin and Anna instruct Lulu, Laura and Nina to get Emma and Charlotte out of here. Jason tries to get through to Jake, but he tells his father that Helena doesn’t want him to give Jason the canister. Liz joins Jason in trying to convince Jake that he has the power, not Helena. Out in the lobby, Nina, Lulu and Laura try and keep the girls calm. Nina insists on staying with Valentin, so Lulu and Laura leave with them. Jake-magic-show-GH-ABC Back in the ballroom, Liz begs Jake to trust in his family, who loves him, and not to listen to Helena. Jake turns the device off and Helena’s image vanishes. Anna takes the Chimera and Jake’s box of tricks. Nina returns to find out what is happening. Valentin isn’t happy she stayed, but explains things. Jason suggests to Liz that she and Franco take Jake to the hospital to be checked out. He needs to stay behind and make sure there will be no more surprises coming from Helena. They leave, and Anna instructs that the area be sealed so they can safely move and destroy the Chimera. Nina goes to the lobby to call the police, but a mysterious man grabs her from behind, holds a gun on her and tells her to hang up.

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At the Falconeri home, Dante leaves a message for Sonny warning him not to do anything stupid where Ava is concerned.

Ava-fire-GH-ABC In the warehouse, Ava pulls a gun on Carly and Sonny as the fire spreads and tells them it’s her turn to tell them off. She refuses to take all the blame for what happened to Morgan. She cries they should have seen something was wrong and done something instead of coddling him. Sonny refuses to listen to her and tells Ava they are leaving and she can burn in hell. Sonny and Carly flee, and Ava discovers the backdoor is blocked and she’s trapped.

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Amy-helps-Nathan-GH-ABC Outside of Kelly’s, Amy fills Nathan in on her blog and the questions she gets, a lot of which deals with sex. Nathan orders her to stop using his photo, but she tries to convince him the blog is popular and as a team they could be the next big thing. She hints that it could even help him save his marriage. He thinks his marriage will be fine. Amy realizes her shift is about to start, so Nathan offers her a ride to the hospital.

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Laura-Lulu-talk-Valentin-GH-ABC Back at Dante’s, the cop gets a call that Ava’s warehouse is on fire, so he heads out. Later, Lulu and Laura return with the girls and try to distract them with games, but the girls are worried about Jake. Lulu promises them everything will be okay.

Sonny and Carly stumble through the smoke-filled warehouse and hear Ava screaming for help. Sonny tells Carly if they go back then they will all die. Ava passes out, and Carly and Sonny finally make it out. Carly calls the fire department, but they are already on the way. Dante arrives and learns from Sonny what transpired. The firemen rescue Ava, who is barely hanging on. Dante informs Sonny and Carly they need come with him to the station and make a statement.

Liz and Franco wait at GH while Jake is checked over. Nathan and Amy enter and spot the couple and learn what happened at the ball. The doctors keep Jake overnight for observation.

Back in the ballroom, two goons walk Nina back inside at gunpoint and demand the Chimera. Jason tells them he doesn’t have it. Meanwhile, Anna chases down Valentin in the parking garage. He has the Chimera and plans to destroy it. Anna assures him that Robert and the WSB will handle it, but he doesn’t trust them given the situation with Alex. He also doesn’t believe the WSB will destroy it, but instead will replicate it. Valentin indicates this is his past mistake and he must take care of it. Anna agrees to let him destroy it, but with her help. Suddenly, Valentin gets a call from Nina, who tells him two men with guns are demanding the Chimera. Valentin returns with the magic kit and offers it to the thugs. They release Nina to check out the box, but find the Chimera missing. Jason and Valentin jump the guys while Nina runs out of the room and right into Nathan. He calls for backup and a shot is heard. They race into the ballroom where Valentin has been shot. Back in the garage, Anna meets a WSB agent and insists she go with him to witness the destruction of the Chimera.

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