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Dillon-Nurse-Dioni-Nurses-Ball-2017-GH-TW At the ball, Dillon thanks Nurse Deanna for filling in for Kiki and performing with him. In the dressing rooms, Anna is stunned that Valentin sold the Chimera to Helena. Backstage, Jake barges in on Charlotte and Emma with the Chimera and tells them to stop. By the side of the stage, Lucy informs Ava that because Jake canceled his magic act she has dead air to fill, so they will be presenting her check after all. Meanwhile, Sonny lets Carly know that Morgan’s meds were tampered with. Olivia and Ned arrive, and she’s nervous about performing. At their table, Curtis surprises Jordan with the news that he got them a room. Lucy announces the next act, Ned and Olivia, who perform “Faith” by George Michael.

At the hospital, Kiki watches the ball on TV. Another nurse tells her that she’s wanted in the supervisor’s office.

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Sonny-Carly-morgan-meds-GH-ABC Back at the ball, Jordan is shocked by Curtis’ surprise. He thinks she doesn’t feel he’s good enough for her. She tells him that’s not it, and that she feels like she’s betraying her husband Thomas, and Curtis’ brother, all over again. In the dressing room, Valentin tells Anna to go to Cassadine Island and look for the Chimera if she wants it. He leaves to find Nina. Backstage, Jake is furious with Charlotte for touching the Chimera. He pushes her and grabs it right as Nina and Lulu walk in and ask what is going on. Back in the ballroom, Anna pulls Andre aside to ask him about the Chimera necklace. Liz overhears the word Chimera and interjects. Jason and Griffin join Anna, Andre, Liz and Franco in discussing it. Anna reveals the Chimera is a biotoxin that was illegally sold to Helena Cassadine. Jason worries Jake must know something about it. Backstage, Jake hides the Chimera in his magic set. Valentin arrives to find out what is going on, and sends Emma and Charlotte off to have some cake. Lulu takes Jake to be with his mom, and he grabs his magic kit. Once alone, Nina admits to Valentin that his song meant the world to her, and he’s glad. He promises to earn her trust back. She suggests they see how the rest of the night goes. Scott-warns-Ava-GH-ABC Elsewhere, Sonny and Carly grab Lucy to get the truth about the pills. Lucy recalls catching Ava throwing the pills out and that’s how she found out Morgan and Ava were having an affair again. She didn’t want to tell them to bring them any more pain. Scott overhears and runs to Ava to warn her that she has to get out of here. Lucy announces the next act, which is Dillon. Kiki surprises him by arriving in the nick of time to do the act , and they perform “Modern Love” by David Bowie. After the act, Kiki reveals Deanna covered for her so they could perform, but she has to get back to the hospital. At their table, Curtis understands how Jordan is feeling, and offers her the keycard to his room in case she changes her mind. He notes if she doesn’t come then he’ll understand she’s not ready for this. Elsewhere, Sonny and Carly realize Ava drove Morgan insane to keep him from Kiki. They go looking for her as Lucy takes the stage to call up Ava to present her check. When Ava doesn’t show, Carly and Sonny realize she’s figured out they know and go searching for her. They find Scott alone in a dressing room and question him while Ava is sneaking out. Ava runs into Kiki, and tells her daughter that all she’s ever wanted is for her to be happy. Backstage, Helena appears and tells Jake that he didn’t keep his end of their bargain. Up in his room, Curtis waits for Jordan, who arrives right as he’s about to give up and leave. In the dressing rooms, Scott tells Carly and Sonny that Ava is already on her way out of town by now. Backstage, Helena tells Jake he knows what he has to do and tells him to perform the magic trick and make all of Port Charles disappear.

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Ava arrives at a warehouse and is forced to use a kerosene lantern to find her way around when her flashlight dies. She retrieves a bag she has stashed. Before she can escape, Sonny and Carly find her.

In the ballroom, Lucy announces it is time for the finale of the Nurses’ Ball. Epiphany and the other nurses perform “Hallelujah.” Robin appears on a television screen to make a message about how far they’ve come in the fight against HIV. Not only is she alive, but she’s expecting her second child. As the song concludes, Jake approaches Liz and tells her that he’s ready to do his magic trick.

On the next General Hospital:

Amy tells Nathan that he’s done more than he knows.

Laura tells Lulu, “No, that didn’t happen.”

Jason asks what the holdup is. Liz tells him they have a problem.

Andre asks Anna why she’s always willing to give Valentin the benefit of the doubt.

Nina tells Valentin, “When is it never Anna.”

Carly demands Ava not lie to her or else.

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