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Sonny-Ava-Nurses-Ball-GH-ABC Sonny walks into the Nurses’ Ball, prompting Ava to try and sneak out. He stops her and drags her out to the lobby of the Metro Court to confront her about what she did to Morgan. However, Dante and Scott both interrupt, and Scott saves her hide by dragging her back to the ball. In the dressing rooms, Sam surprises Kristina, who is singing, with flowers. Emma sees Sam and runs up and gives her a big hug. Lucy kicks Sam out for distracting her performers. Out in the bar area, Jason wonders where the Chimera necklace on the floor came from. Meanwhile, Anna continues to grill Valentin about who has the Chimera, which annoys him. Backstage, Jake tells Charlotte that they will use the canister at the end, and it is powerful magic. When she tries to touch it, Jake freaks and tells her not to. Everyone takes their seats for Amy, Kristina, Emma, and Valerie’s performance of “Brave” by Sara Bareilles.

Kiki is working at GH and checks on Nelle, who stirs and calls out Michael’s name.

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Charlotte-Jake-Chimera-GH-ABC Back in the lobby of the ball, Sonny tells Dante that Ava made a donation in Morgan’s name, and fills him in on Morgan’s dosage mix-up. Meanwhile, Michael takes a call from Kiki, who tells him that she can’t get ahold of Bobbie and needed to update her on Nelle. She tells Michael that Nelle is doing okay, but could use a friend. In the bar, Jason shows Sam the necklace he found and thinks it is Jake’s. Backstage, Emma joins Jake and Charlotte while they prepare for their act. Anna-Andre-Nuses-Ball-2017-GH-TW Elsewhere, Anna calls Robert and asks him what the Chimera actually does. She’s stunned by his answer. Andre runs into her and she can tell he doesn’t want to see her. She explains to him about Alex. Meanwhile, Valentin sits down next Nina, but she has nothing to say to him. He decides the time for talking is over. Valentin heads backstage to see Lucy and offers to up his donation. Elsewhere, Andre makes a call to the lab to get the results on Morgan’s pills, while Sam and Jason head to Liz and Franco’s table and show them the Chimera necklace. Jason believes it is Jake’s. Jake appears and asks if they are talking about him. Lucy takes to the stage and explains that Dr. Obrecht is unable to perform, so in her place they have a surprise guest. Valentin takes the stage and dedicates his performance to his wife. He plays the piano and sings “Have this Heart to Break” by Billy Joel. After he finishes he heads backstage, where Anna confronts him about the Chimera again. At Liz and Franco’s table, Jason shows Jake the necklace and asks if he’s seen it before. Jake becomes upset and explains he doesn’t feel good. Liz thinks he has stage fright and tries to calm him. She tells him he doesn’t have to perform if he doesn’t want to. Jake decides he doesn’t want to. Charlotte overhears and is disappointed. Back out in the lobby, Dante tells Sonny about Lucy and Ava being at the bar the night of the robbery, which is where they found Morgan’s pill bottle. Sonny is suspicious. Dante heads back to his table, and Andre approaches Sonny with the news that the crumbled pill in Morgan’s bottle may have been a placebo. Sonny realizes Morgan was set up to have a breakdown. Lucy welcomes the next performer to the stage, who is a newcomer.

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Nelle-hospital-kidney-GH-ABC At GH, Michael thanks Kiki for calling him about Nelle. He goes in to see Nelle, who is unconscious. Michael gets a call from Joss, who is backstage and nervous about performing. He tells her to keep her phone on so he and Nelle can both hear her and be with her.

Joss takes the stage at the ball and performs the original song “It’s Not Over Yet.”

At the hospital, Joss’ performance wakes Nelle up. She sees Michael there and smiles at him.

Back at the ball, Jake asks his mom if they can go home. She agrees, but then he remembers he left his box of tricks backstage. Backstage, Charlotte tells Emma that Jake doesn’t want to do the act, and suggests they do it themselves. They open his box and decide to start with the canister. Charlotte tries to open it, pushes a button, and it begins to glow blue. In the dressing rooms, Valentin finally confesses to Anna that he sold the Chimera to Helena. Out at the ball, Jason bumps into Griffin, who asks Jason why he has Anna’s necklace. Carly gets a chance to confront Sonny about why he is there. He tells her that he has answers about Morgan.

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