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Mario-Lopez-GH-ABC Mario Lopez broadcasts live from the Nurses’ Ball red carpet with Nina. Outside, Franco and Liz arrive with Jake and run into Sam and Jason. Jake is excited to perform his act. Backstage, Scott finds Ava with a giant check she plans to present to Lucy, and he accuses her of trying to buy her way out of what she did to Morgan.

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Michael-Sonny-Morgans-journal-GH-ABC Michael stops by his dad’s and drops off Morgan’s journal. Sonny is hoping it will explain what happened to Morgan. Michael leaves his dad to read through it. Sonny sees an entry about Morgan taking a new dose of 600 milligrams of lithium and it puzzles him. He makes a call and soon Andre arrives. Sonny questions him about Morgan’s dose and the pills the lab tested, which don’t match up. Andre admits he noticed the discrepancy too and had found out that the pharmacy gave Morgan the correct dosage. Andre insists Morgan had to have been taking no lithium at all to veer so out of control. Sonny peers into the pill bottle after he empties it and finds a powder at the bottom. He tastes some of it and knows it’s not lithium. Andre rushes it to the lab for testing.

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Carly-Bobbie-Joss-Ball-GH-ABC In the backstage dressing room at the ball, Carly tells her mom all about catching Sonny with Martina. Fortunately, she won’t have to deal with him tonight because he’s chosen to stay home and read Morgan’s journal. Joss arrives and Carly suggests they go rock the ball. Back on the red carpet, Valentin and Charlotte stroll in and Nina admires Charlotte’s dress. Charlotte tells her that Lulu picked it out for her. Dante and Lulu make their way in, and Charlotte runs to Lulu to thank her for the dress. Valentin takes a moment to try and make things right with Nina, but she insists there is nothing he can do. Anna arrives with Griffin, Kristina and Emma. Charlotte and Emma run into one another, and Emma reveals she’s Jake’s assistant in the show. She suggests Charlotte help them out, which excites her. Scott-argues-Ava-ball-GH Backstage, Ava knows she can’t buy her way out of what she did to Morgan. When Scott finds out the check is being presented in honor of Morgan he scolds Ava because it will offend Sonny and Carly. Ava recalls Lucy saying the same thing, and decides to heed his advice and tries to tell Lucy to nix the announcement about Morgan. Outside, Jake, Franco and Liz head into the ball, leaving Sam and Jason alone. Jason can’t shake his dream of Helena and feels something is wrong. Jason-worries-to-Sam-GH-ABC The citizens of Port Charles continue to stroll in on the red carpet, including Epiphany, Felix and Amy. Amy is cornered by Mario and Nina, who ask her if she is here alone. Nathan swoops in and insists he is her date for the evening. Amy whispers thanks to Nathan for saving her. Nina steals Nathan away for a moment and seeks comfort. She laments that Valentin is here and doesn’t know if she can forgive and trust him again. Inside the ballroom, people begin to mingle before the show starts. Griffin asks Anna what is going on between her and Valentin. She explains the Chimera Project to him. Meanwhile, Michael arrives and meets up with Carly, Bobbie and Joss. Michael asks Bobbie about Nelle, and Joss is upset to learn she’s in trouble because of her injured kidney. Bobbie says Nelle is fine, but later admits to Carly she’s had a setback. Elsewhere, Jake shows Emma and Charlotte the magic set that Spencer sent him. Emma finds that funny because in an email Spencer told her what he got Jake, and it wasn’t a magic set. Jake thinks he must have changed his mind. Back on the carpet, George Pennacchio interviews Jordan, who arrives with Curtis.

Back at Sonny’s, he turns on the Nurses’ Ball and watches as Scott and Ava arrive on the carpet. Mario questions Ava about the donation she made in Morgan’s name.

Events get underway at the ball. As everyone rushes to watch, Anna accidently drops the Chimera necklace of Alex’s near the bar. Lucy makes her opening remarks about the importance of the ball and introduces the nurses who perform the opening number. Backstage, Jake shows Emma and Charlotte his big surprise, the Chimera canister. He tells them it is for their big finale. Meanwhile, before the next number begins, Anna pleads with Valentin to tell him who he sold the Chimera too. Nina sees them talking and is disheartened. At the bar, Jason gets a drink and finds the Chimera necklace. Sonny arrives, shocking Carly and Michael, along with a petrified Ava. Ava worries that Sonny saw the red carpet broadcast.

On the next General Hospital:

At GH, Nelle is unconscious and mumbles Michael’s name.

At the ball, Anna questions Valentin about the Chimera.

Jake tells Charlotte she can’t touch the canister.

Andre calls for the results on the pill bottle.

Sonny asks Ava why she’s trying to sneak out.

More acts perform.

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