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Carly barges into Sonny’s bedroom and catches him having sex with Martina. His wife walks out and he chases after her. She starts smashing things and explains how she figured everything out. Martina comes downstairs to say this is none of Carly’s business. Sonny insists that what happened with her lawyer was spontaneous. Carly accuses him of using this situation to his advantage. Martina accuses her of being jealous. Her former client wonders how the bar association will feel about this. After the lawyer saunters out, the couple bicker until Carly storms out. Martina returns and says he can go after his wife. “I don’t run after anybody,” he says. The lawyer assumes the couple are still in love and gives him a kiss goodbye. Alone, he walks out on the balcony and thinks of Carly.

Anna and Alexis dicuss the chimera-GH-ABCAt the airport, Anna and Alex argue about the Chimera. Alex asks her to talk to Valentin for her. The DBX are still looking for the chimera and Anna needs to destroy it before anyone gets their hands on it. The WSB arrive and arrest Alex. Once she’s taken away, Nathan has some questions but Anna has no time to answer them.

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Nina and Valentin argue about Anna-GH-ABCNina shows up at Wyndemere as Valentin leaves a message for her. He wants to talk. She wants to give him back her keys. The Cassadine refuses and insists that he and Charlotte belong to her. His wife doesn’t believe it and accuses him of destroying their family. He asks for one more chance. When Valentin goes off to check on his daughter, Anna sneaks in. Nina accuses her of being a user and luring Valentin away from his family. Anna doesn’t know what to say. When Valentin returns, he’s outraged to see her there. Nina storms out and the Cassadine starts threatening Anna. She interrupts by explaining she has a twin and she’s the one who has been manipulating him for years. He doesn’t believe a word of it. She pulls out the Chimera necklace. He explains he’s already sold it and the buyer is dead. Anna says the Valentin she used to know would do all he could to track it down.

Ava and Kiki discuss Morgan-GH-ABCFelix and Lucy critique Kiki and Dillon’s dance in the ballroom. Ava claps and claims they were perfect. Kiki breaks the news that she’s been certified as a nurses’ aid. The blondes discuss what has happened over the past year. Kiki reminds her about Morgan dying. Ava didn’t need the reminder and tells her that, whatever she did, she did it for her. Kiki’s confused so her mom claims she was just protecting her. Meanwhile, Dillon takes Felix aside and asks what he should get for a nurses’ aid. Dillon return and Ava takes off. On the way, she bumps into Lucy, who reminds her that she saved her from Sonny. They bicker about Lucy’s payoff and Ava insists she wants to present a novelty check at the ball in Morgan’s name. Coe thinks that could be tempting fate. Back across the room, Dillon gives Kiki a spa giftcard. She’d rather just have a massage from him. Felix interrupts to say he first shift is during the ball. Down the hall, Carly calls Diane to tell her about her lawyer trouble. In the dressing room, Nina vents to Nathan about Anna. The cop explains what’s been happening with Anna and her sister. He wonders if this changes anything for her.

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Jason and Sam make out-GH-ABCJason returns home with take-out from Noddle Buddha and non-alcoholic beer. Sam has just put the kids to bed. He apologizes for neglecting her lately. After they have dinner, he gives her a vintage leather jacket. She loves it. Scout starts crying so he runs off to check. When he comes back down, Sam is wearing nothing but the jacket. After they have sex, he comes downstairs and discovers Sam is gone and so are the kids. Helena sits in a chair, laughs and says she warned him. He snaps out of this nightmare and tells Sam about it. She assures him Helena can’t hurt them again.

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