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Carly finds Ava with Avery in the park and questions the Jerome about being with the little girl. Ava says it’s none of her business and Carly’s time with Avery is over. Carly threatens to go to the cops with the tape of Ava and Paul. Ava accuses her of using Avery to compensate for losing Morgan. Carly assumes she’s trying to distract her from something and guesses she must have dirt on Sonny.

Sonny and Martina lounge in bed-GH-ABCMartina and Sonny make-out in his bed until she mentions Carly. She says that not even he was worth ruining her career. He tells her not to worry so much. Corinthos offers to take things ‘up a notch’ with her before she flies off. He makes her pasta. She’s ecstatic. He gets morose when he talks about how Morgan never liked his pasta. Sonny still hasn’t made sense of what happened. She offers him a fresh set of eyes on it. He tells her about his son’s struggle with being bi-polar and she tells him about how important having a connection with another person is. They agree to distract him from his pain with sex. As they get into bed, Carly arrives downstairs and spots the pasta plates. She heads upstairs and finds them having sex.

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Obrecht asks Lucy to let her into the hall-GH-ABCIn the ballroom, Liz helps Lucy with preparation for the Ball. They discuss Jake seeing Andre. Lucy is annoyed when Obrecht pops up, promising to save the Ball with her voice. She’s learned her lesson since last year’s abduction and asks for an audition. Realizing how determined Dr. O. is, Lucy thinks she may have to cut another act. Liz hopes it won’t be Jake. The kid appears and asks if he can do his show now. He performs and Lucy says he will be brilliant. Jake goes off with his box and looks at the Chimera inside.

Anna faces off with Alex-GH-ABCAt the airport, Emma realizes that something is off with her grandmother. The real Anna gets off the plane. The two Annas start to push each other around until a confused Nathan breaks it up. The women introduce him to Alex and he arrests her. Anna sends her daughter away to find out what Alex has been saying to Griffin. Nathan takes the sisters to a secure room and leaves them alone. Alex tells her sister she did the best she could under the circumstances. She talks about being recruited by the DBX to seduce Valentin. She botched it and he took off with the Chimera after she convinced him to steal it. Alex claims she cared for him and saved his life by tipping him off about the kill order. Anna demands to know who she is working for. The sisters bicker. Alex tells her she’ll have to be the one to get the Chimera back.

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Griffin tells Brad his head may roll-GH-ABCAt the hospital, Finn and Hayden argue with Brad about his sample. Brad threatens that heads will roll. Griffin suddenly appears to declare Brad’s head will be the one rolling. They all begin bickering about the tests and how they have been tampered with. Griffin prompts Brad to confess. Hayden tells Brad to get a lawyer. As he plods off, he bumps into Obrecht, who gloats about getting into the Nurses’ Ball. He complains about being the victim of injustice. Liesl offers to be there for him. Meanwhile, Griffin assures Hayden and Finn that Brad won’t be able to tamper with the latest sample. Robin and Emma get off the elevator and take Dr. Monroe into the corner. They explain what’s been going on with Anna and her sister. Meanwhile, Brad defends himself to Hayden and Finn, insisting he did nothing wrong. Down in the lab, Obrecht tampers with the sample, smiling about how she will soon be rid of Finn.

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