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At GH, Brad overhears Hayden and Finn discussing his next test and fumes. Hayden hopes Brad bought their act. Finn doesn’t want to talk about Brad and asks how she is doing. She reveals that she’s decided to have the baby and she wants him to be a part of their child’s life. Later they grab nurse Deeana for Finn to take his test. Meanwhile, Michael finds Kiki in the hall and asks her for information on Nelle. Kiki checks the records and finds where her room is. Later, Nina arrives and thanks Michael for calling her and telling her about Nelle. She feels partially to blame, and plans to make things up to her. In her room, Nelle suffers through severe kidney pain. Nina arrives to see her, and apologizes for asking her to spy on Valentin. She tells her it won’t happen again because she moved out, so she has a job to go to back to. Nina promises to help her through this, and informs her that Michael is here too and he hasn’t left.

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Kiki-Dillon-kiss-GH-ABC Dillon runs into Laura on the way into Kelly’s. They talk about Laura taking over Tracy’s seat on the board. Laura only wants what is best for the hospital. Brad pops up and hopes that is true because there is a situation that needs attending to. Dillion takes off so they can talk. Brad tells her about Finn being a junkie, a statement which Laura takes offense to given Lucky’s past. Laura knows all about Dr Finn’s situation and if he fails his drug test then the board will act accordingly. Brad huffs that she’s no better than Tracy. Later, Dillon meets. Kiki is waiting on the results on whether she is passed her test to be a certified nurse’s aide. He is sure she passed, and invites her to join him at his mom’s table at the Nurses’ Ball. She declines because if she failed her test she doesn’t want to be at the ball and see all her friends who passed. Kiki’s phone buzzes and her results are in. She’s too nervous to look, so she gives it to Dillon, who tells her she passed.

Valentin-cheesy-smile-GH-ABC At the Falconeri’s, Dante makes the kids chocolate chip pancakes before school. Valentin arrives, and Charlotte gushes about all the fun she had. Ms Watkins, the social worker, also drops by to speak with Valentin and Lulu about what happened yesterday. Dante takes the kids to school to give them some privacy. Valentin pleads his case to the caseworker, painting himself as innocent and amicable with Lulu’s decisions. Ms Watkins feels it appears they worked it out themselves and informs them she’ll be in touch. She leaves, and Valentin wonders what game Lulu is playing. Lulu was hoping that he’d see Charlotte is happy there and would reconsider their custody arrangement given he and Nina broke up. Valentine becomes furious and let’s Lulu know he and Nina are not getting divorced. Dante returns and asks if everything is okay. Valentin tells Lulu if she wants adjustments to the arrangements then she should talk to the judge. He departs. Later, Lulu gleefully tells Dante that everything is falling into place and she thinks she’ll have custody of Charlotte before long.

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At Anna’s place, Alex wakes up and finds herself tied to the staircase, where Valentin left her. She frees herself and recieves a call from Dr. Lancaster in London, who warns her that her sister has escaped and is on her way home.

Alex heads to the airport to catch a flight to London. There she runs into Robin and Emma, who have just arrived. Alex claims a work situation came up and she’s actually on her way to London. Alex assures Robin that she’ll be back for the ball. Emma refuses to kiss Alex goodbye because she’s not her grandma. Alex hands Robin her keys and suggest they go make themselves home in her flat. Robin points out she’s not used that term in years. Suddenly, the real Anna arrives and comes face to face with her sister.

Valentin runs into Nina at Metro Court and fills her in on all the games is Lulu is playing. He still doesn’t understand why Nelle didn’t pick up Charlotte. Nina reveals that Nelle was mugged and is in the hospital. She asks Valentin not to fire Nelle, because Charlotte loves her. Nina walks off.

Back at GH, Brad swipes Finn’s sample off the cart, but the container is empty. Finn and Hayden bust him and Finn jokes, “Urine trouble!” Laura arrives at the hospital and runs into Michael. She needs to talk to him about some numbers for the Nurse’s ball. Michael leaves with her just as Nelle walks into the hall looking for Michael.

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