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Valentin is at home when Anna calls to ask if they can pick up where they left off. She asks him out for a picnic. “I won’t be seeing you today or any other day,” he says, hanging up.

Nina and Curtis discuss the bug-ABCNina is with Curtis at the Metro Court. He tells her all about the bug in the watch. She realizes Anna has been targeting her husband and probably knows that she’s left him. Curtis suggests she make up her mind about what to do fast. Valentin pops up and Curtis makes himself scarce. The Cassadine tells her that she’s his whole world. He was just looking for closure and didn’t get it. Besides, he doesn’t need it. He just needs her and Charlotte. She tells him Anna has been using him and whips out the destroyed watch, showing him the bug. He’s shocked but should have known. That’s twice he let her destroy his life. He’ll never forgive himself and walks away. Nina sits at the bar and looks at her ring while tears run down her face

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Hayden and Finn learn she's pregnant-ABCAt the hospital, Griffin informs Hayden and Finn that she’s pregnant. He goes off to check into it. Finn and Hayden tell themselves it must be an error. Griffin returns and confirms there has been no mistake. The couple sits down, stunned. They haven’t had sex in months. She’s not a maternal person. “You’re good with Roxy,” he says. They wonder if they are ready. Hayden needs to think this over. He says the sun rises and sets with her. They still love each other and embrace.

Michael catches Nelle-ABCNelle goes down to the docks. She calls Nina, says she can’t spy on her husband and quits. Michael catches her in the call. Nelle explains what’s been going on. Without a job, she’ll have to leave and start over somewhere else. He finds it hard to imagine her not being around. She asks if he has a reason for her to stay. He can’t promise her anything so wishes her good luck. A single tear falls from her eye. He hikes up his pants and walks off. Before she can leave, some guy runs up, steals her purse and shove her into a crate, knocking her out.

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Martina and Sonny are caught by Carly-ABCCarly is shocked when she stops by the restaurant and catches Sonny with Martina. The lawyer explains she’s quitting for personal reasons. Sonny says he’s the reason. They claim they used to vaguely know each other. This doesn’t make much sense to Carly and doesn’t explain them holding hands. Sonny insists they are not conspiring. Carly kicks her out and rails at Sonny before demanding what’s really going on. He dodges the question and she leaves frustrated. Soon, Martina returns and Sonny tells her Carly will be digging for the truth.

Anna and Jordan discuss their love lives-ABCAt Kelly’s, Anna calls someone to tell them that Valentin has started to resist her and the bug is dead. Jordan interrupts and the small talk starts. She gabs about her love life and then asks Anna if she’ll go after Andre. Anna says the timing is wrong and keeps looking at her phone as Jordan goes on about her problems. After Anna leaves on an encouraging note, Curtis appears with a flower for Jordan and suggests she let him escort her to the Ball. She’s in. Outside, Valentin corners Anna and says he can’t fight what they have anymore. He asks her to go somewhere they can be alone.

Michael drops by the Metro Court to see his mom. He informs her that Nelle is leaving town. She tells him his father has been ‘mixing it up’ with her layer and she’s going to prove it.

At a hospital in London, England, a nurse tells a bedridden Anna she is doing fine.

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