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Curtis runs into a daydreaming Hayden in the park and asks if she’s thinking about Finn. She admits she doesn’t know what is going on with her and Finn. Elsewhere, Anna listens in on Valentin through the device she planted in his watch. She is interrupted by a call from Robin, who is making final preparations to come out for the Nurses’ Ball. Anna tells Robin she can’t talk right now because she just arrived for her phlebotomy appointment.

At GH, Griffin and Finn wait on his latest test results. Elsewhere, Sonny runs into Andre, who is looking over the lab results on Morgan’s pills. Sonny asks if that has anything to do with Morgan. Andre doesn’t tell him what he’s found, but promises to keep trying to find the truth about what happened to Morgan. Sonny thanks him and leaves. Andre flags down Monica to talk to her about Morgan. He tells her that the pills in Morgan’s bottle were only half the dosage he prescribed, which doesn’t make sense.

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Nina returns to Wyndemere where Valentin is thrilled to see her. She tells him it is only to say goodbye because she’s leaving him. He knows he screwed up, but he can be better if she will give him the chance. Nina refuses because she won’t revert to the hateful person she used to be over another cheating spouse. Valentin insists he hasn’t cheated on her, but Nina says he has emotionally with Anna. She brings up the watch, which Valentin removes and throws in her purse to prove he is loyal to her. He begs her to try and work through this for Charlotte’s sake. Nina lashes out at him for trying to use Charlotte against her. She grabs her purse, tells him goodbye and walks out. Valentin chugs some drinks and reflects on happier times with Nina, but also thinks about his flirtations with Anna. He throws his glass across the room in anger.

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At the Metro Court, Olivia notices Carly is wearing her wedding ring and is hopeful for her, but Carly says it is only because her lawyer advised her too. Carly notices Olivia has a ring of her own, and is thrilled for her and Ned. Olivia lectures Carly for wasting time fighting with Sonny instead of trying to work things out, but Carly won’t hear it. Olivia suddenly remembers some errands she forgot, and then panics thinking about all she needs to do to pull a wedding together. Carly tells her to calm down and offers to help her plan it, which will be a distraction from the other things going on in her life.

Back in the park, Anna is furious when Valentin disposes of the watch. Griffin, out on a run, sees her and asks why she’s so upset. She claims a political podcast just got to her. Griffin worries about her health and her state and questions her. Fortunately for Anna, Griffin is paged and has to run back to the hospital. Elsewhere, Finn happens upon Hayden and Curtis together. Curtis leaves them to talk. Finn shows her a photo of a townhouse he just bought here in town. He hopes she can come by and visit sometime, and maybe even leave a toothbrush. They kiss.

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Sonny meets Martina at his restaurant. Martina briefs him on Carly’s reluctance to settle, but she’s come up with a plan to settle his divorce quickly to get the threat of Ava Jerome off their backs. She suggests he give Carly everything, but he can’t and tells Martina that she’s going to have to quit. Martina knows doing so would lead to a hit on her reputation, but it’s better than disbarment. They shake when Carly walks in and demands to know what is going on.

Anna grabs some coffee at Kelly’s and continues to listen on her spying device. Nina has it in her purse and meets up with Curtis to tell him her troubles. Later, Anna calls Valentin to see if he’s free to meet.

Back at the Metro Court, Nina digs into her purse for tissues to cry over Valentin. She pulls out his watch, which Curtis admires. In a fit of rage, Nina throws it to the ground and smashes it. Curtis picks it up and finds the bug Anna placed in it.

Finn and Hayden return to GH and meet Griffin. He has Finn’s latest results, which indicate he tested positive again. Finn and Hayden are thrilled that their plan worked, because the sample came from Hayden. Griffin notices something else in the test results, and reveals she is pregnant. In Monica’s office, Monica calls the pharmacy for Andre to find out if they may have given Morgan the wrong dosage.

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