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Anna-Valentin-project-chimera-GH-ABC In the park, Anna worries after learning Valentin sold the Chimera Project because it is deadly. Valentin remembers selling it, which was a small metal container, to Helena Cassadine. He assures Anna that the buyer is dead as is the project. She tries to get the name of his buyer, but he refuses. He makes it clear he does’t trust her, and he doesn’t know if he ever knew her. Anna twirls her hair and says they can fix that by getting to know one another better. He agrees.

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Andre-Valerie-spy-GH-ABC Jordan and Curtis have a date at the Metro Court. Valerie and Andre watch them from the bar, and Curtis becomes uncomfortable. Jordan offers to go somewhere else, but he insists it’s okay. Curtis gets a call that he must take, so Jordan heads to the bar to get them drinks. Jordan tries to make small talk with Valerie and inquires if she and Andre, who had to leave, are dating. Valerie quips at Jordan, “Why, are you going to warn me off of him too?” They aren’t dating, though Valerie can’t believe Jordan almost fired her for dating Curtis, and now here she is with him. Valerie storms off. Curtis approaches and asks if things are okay with Valerie. Jordan tells him they are, and that she needs to get back to work.

Jake snoops through a stack of his birthday gifts at home, but Liz reminds him that he must wait to open them until his dad returns from his trip. Kiki drops by with a birthday gift for Jake from Franco, which Liz also refuses to let him open.

Jason-Franco-scarecrow-GH-ABC On Cassadine Island, Jason remembers being shackled to the wall and being beaten by a man named Costa (played by Eddie Davenport). Costa was listing off rules, and rule number one was his life was not his own. Helena was watching in the wings and calling the shots. Costa was worried that they could push Jason too far with the conditioning and he’d be useless. Helena chuckled that she always has reserves. Jason worries who that could be. Jason continues to remember Helena praising his work in eliminating the target, and told him that he was alive thanks to her after purchasing him from Faison. In the present, Jason becomes distracted struggling to remember, and Franco clocks him on the head from behind with a large rock. When Jason comes too he finds Franco has chained him to the wall. Franco starts pummeling Jason, which prompts Jason to remember more. Jake turned up while Helena was conditioning Jason and saw and heard everything, including that Helena made Jason her private assassin. Jason demands Franco let him go. While he unchains Jason, Franco explains he only did this to spur his memory. Jason repays Franco by chaining him to the wall. He promises he’ll send someone for him, but for now he’s got to get back to Port Charles for Jake’s party.

Nina-Nathan-fed-up-GH-ABC Nathan sees Nina home to Wyndemere after their lunch at Metro Court. She realizes Valentin hasn’t come home from his run and thinks he’s with Anna. Nathan advises her to leave Valentin if she doesn’t trust him, or demand more from him. Nina worries he may not be able to give her more, and she doesn’t want to give up on him. Nathan suggests she start demanding the truth from him then.

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Back in the park, Andre interrupts Anna and Valentin’s chat. Valentin insists he was just leaving and departs. Andre warns Anna that she’s playing with fire regarding Valentin, and questions her about missing her phlebotomy appointments. Anna lashes out at him for butting in and accuses him of focusing on her to avoid the wreck he made of things with Jordan. She quickly apologizes for getting personal. Andre promises Anna he won’t stop meddling because he doesn’t like seeing her being so reckless. Andre leaves, and Anna takes a call from someone and tells them she’s making progress and should have what they need soon.

The man from Cassadine Island rings Liz’s doorbell with a special delivery from Spencer for Jake. Liz agrees he can open this one. Costa tells Jake, “Happy Birthday little man,” which triggers a puzzled look in the boy. Jake opens the gift, which is a magic set. In the set is an envelope marked “top secret” which disturbs him. He’s instructed to dig deeper into the box and finds the Chimera canister.

Valentin returns to Wyndemere where he finds Nathan with Nina. Nina asks Valentin if he was with Anna, and he admits he did run into her. Nina demands to know if he’s having an affair with her. He tells her no, but stumbles when she asks if he wants to have one. Nina tells him she’s heard enough and asks to stay with Nathan. They walk out.

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