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Lulu-laura-play-nice-GH-ABC Nina meets Nathan at the Metro Court bar to discuss Maxie. Lulu interrupts and asks for a favor. She would like to take Charlotte to a children’s fair in Buffalo along with Rocco, and was hoping Charlotte could spend the night. Nina refuses, and the two argue. Laura and Kevin arrive and try and calm the situation down, but Lulu lashes out at Nina and warns her that Valentin will betray her at some point just like he betrays everyone. Laura and Kevin pull Lulu away and head to a table of their own. Nina switches the conversation with Nathan back to Maxie, and reveals she’s giving Maxie her job back because having her out of town is not good for their marriage. Meanwhile, Lulu sits down with Kevin and Laura. Lulu is certain she is winning Charlotte over, but Laura warns her that she thinks Charlotte loves Nina as well. Elsewhere, Bobbie catches up with Carly and advises she reconsider what she’s doing to Sonny. Carly wonders when her mother became “Team Sonny.” Bobbie swears she isn’t, but she’s worried about her anger. Carly admits she is angry, but she also remembers what it’s like to love Sonny. Bobbie asks if Morgan hadn’t died would she and Sonny be together. Carly doesn’t think it matters because he died and she can’t live in a fantasy of who she wants Sonny to be.

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Valentin-confronts-Anna-park-GH-ABC Anna runs into Valentin in the park while on a jog. He wonders if she is following him, and she admits she is because they need to talk about the Chimera Project. She asks who he turned the project over too, and he eventually reveals he sold it for a lot of money to finance his surgeries and start his life over. However, the person he sold it to is dead now, so is the project.

Jason is shocked to find Franco in Greece. Franco insists he is there to help Jake and happens to have acquired a boat to get them to Cassadine Island. He suggests they work together, and Jason agrees. Later, they arrive on the island and Jason notices the scarecrow in a field, while Franco finds a chimera etched on a nearby tree. It’s similar to Jake’s drawing. They figure out that the line of site between the tree and the scarecrow don’t line up because a wall is blocking them, so if Jake was hiding behind the tree as in his drawing then he saw something else. Jason follows the line of site from the tree and finds a wall with manacles attached to it. He has a flash of being chained to the wall and realizes he’s the scarecrow that Jake saw.

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Sonny-Martina-meeting-GH-ABC Sonny meets with Martina at his restaurant. He warns Martina that Ava Jerome saw them together and she is a problem. Sonny worries she may use this information to get at Avery. He suggests that if he and Carly could come to a fair settlement then Ava won’t be able to use what she knows against them. Martina reminds him that she was hired to take Sonny for everything. He points out she is smart and will find the best solution for everyone. Martina heads out, and Kristina drops by to catch up with her father. Kristina updates her dad on getting her academic life straightened out, but because of the divorce issues she’s worried about his finances. She offers to pay for her classes working part time, but he refuses and assures her that he and Carly will settle things.

Nina-talks-with-Nathan-GH-ABC Martina meets with Carly and Bobbie at the Metro Court. Bobbie excuses herself because she has things to take care of, matters to do with the Nurses’ Ball. Martina tries to persuade Carly to compromise and look at Diane’s proposal. Carly wonders why Martina wants to change the game plan. Martina warns her about the costs, including making poor decisions out of anger. She suggests Carly compromise with Sonny, but Carly refuses. At the bar, Nina gets a text from Maxie and reads it to Nathan. Maxie turned down Nina’s offer because she’s unsure if she’s returning to Port Charles. At their table, Lulu is sure that Charlotte will eventually see Valentin for the monster he is on her own at some point. Lulu gets a text from Olivia, she needs to go pick up Rocco from her because there is a crisis at the hotel. Lulu leaves, and Laura expresses her fears to Kevin that Valentin won’t allow Lulu and Charlotte to forge a relationship. She fears he will kill Charlotte like he killed Nicholas.

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