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In the Metro Court, Ava prods Carly and Martina about the divorce. She flashes back to seeing the attorney go off to bed with Sonny. Carly fills her lawyer in about Ava’s place in Sonny’s life. Once Jerome strolls off, Carly assures her lawyer that Sonny has her support when it comes to Avery. Carly and the lawyer sit down to talk strategy. Carly insists that she doesn’t want Michael to testify. Martina’s not sure why she keeps standing up for Sonny. She tells her client to stop being sentimental, make an account of everything she’s done for Sonny, and put her wedding ring back on. When Andre interrupts, Martina takes off. Carly and the shrink talk about Morgan’s pills. He wishes he’d been more help. Carly doesn’t think there will ever be an answer. When she gives him the results of the tests, he calls to have them double-checked.

Ava tells Sonny what she knows-ABCAt the Corinthos compound, Sonny tells Michael not to get caught in the middle of his battle with Carly. Michael reminds him that his kids can handle divorce but warns him that he might have to take Avery and go into exile. Sonny’s determined to keep everything that’s his. He’s not confident Carly’s lawyer is much good. His son urges him not to act on his worst impulses. He gets a text from Ava. It’s a picture of Martina and the text, “We need to talk.” Michael advises him to delay the divorce and then takes Avery to the park. Moments later, Ava arrives. After some bickering, she says she admires him for fighting with any means necessary. She wonders what would happen if Carly found out what he did. He hopes she’s not threatening him and says Martina seduced him. She offers to stay quiet if she can spend the weekend with Avery. He seems to relent. Once she leaves, he makes a call. “I’m ready to pull the trigger. Do it now,” he orders.

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Jason questions Daphne-ABCJason calls Sam from the village across from Cassadine Island just to check in. Once he gets off the line, he puts his gun together. Soon, Daphne appears. She doesn’t want to talk to him and insists she did nothing wrong. It was all Helena. He shows her Jake’s photos and asks if she recognizes him. She swears she doesn’t. Jason shows her a picture of the scarecrow Jake drew. When she gets nervous, he demands she take him to the island. She’s terrified but draws him a map.

Sam tells Franco and Liz where Jason is-ABCSam bumps into Liz at the hospital. She’s about to tell her something when Franco pops up. The nurse talks her into saying what she had to say. Sam reluctantly tells them where Jason is and asks them to pass along any clues that Jake might drop. Franco gives Liz an emotional hug and leaves for an appointment. When she gets a text from him later, she wonders what he’s really up to.

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Michael bumps into Nelle-ABCNelle and Claudette bumps into Michael and his little sister in the park. The kids go off to see the water. Michael tells Nelle about his parents’ divorce. He says his mom has been warning him away from her but he’ll see her if he wants to. After they chat for a while, the kids return with daisies for him to give to Nelle. When Ava pops up, Nelle and her charge makes themselves scarce. Michael calls his dad to make sure Ava’s allowed to see her daughter.

Sonny meets with Martina at his restaurant.

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