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Shirtless Nathan wanders around his place, chatting with Maxie on the phone. He’s looking forward to her coming back. The place is a mess but he claims it’s fine.

At the Metro Court, Kiki gossips with Carly about the latest at the Quartermaines’. They chat about Carly’s divorces. She’s not sure if she should take her ring off. Kiki’s sorry to hear that love is not enough.

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Lulu and Carly discuss her divroce-ABCSonny and Martina sneak into a room at the Haunted Star. His ring falls off as they hop into bed and have sex. Later, he wakes up in bed with her and they introduce themselves. They have no regrets about what happened. She explains she has to see a client in an hour. They make out. Meanwhile, Carly shows up at the Star. She wanted to talk to Lulu about something for the Ball. They talk about the divorce and Lulu wonders if she really wants to bleed Sonny dry and drive him out of the country. Carly hopes that makes him re-think his priorities. When Lulu goes off to get something, Carly hears a noise and starts looking around. Before she can open to the door to the room Sonny is in, Lulu drags her away. They discuss taking off the ring. Lulu suggests there’s still hope. Back down the hall, Martina and Sonny get dressed. He’d like to see her again but she can’t make any promises.

Tracy has an announcemnt for her family-ABCUpstairs at the Quartermaine estate, Olivia wakes up in bed with Ned and notices he’s awake and reading paperwork. Downstairs, Tracy strolls around and then calls to arrange a transaction. Dillon comes in and admires how energetic she seems. She’s realized her life is off course and tells him about her hallucination. Tracy is finally at peace with herself. Soon, Kiki, Michael, Hayden, Finn, Laura and Monica arrive. Olivia jogs in, worrying that there is no food. Ned announces that he’s taking on the Quartermaine name. It’s who he is. He and Dillon will carry on the name. He shows them his petition to change his name to Edward Lawrence Quartermaine. He and his mother embrace. Lulu arrives and Tracy tells the story of the painting to all of the guests. The letter her father left her finally set her free. It’s time for her to leave.

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Dante helps move boxes-ABCDante drops by the Metro Court to help Lucy carry boxes for the Nurses’ Ball. He runs into Nathan, who is anxious for Maxie’s return. He’s hired someone to clean the apartment while he takes her out. He thinks Port Charles is the last place Maxie wants to be. Portland seems to be where her future is. Maxie calls. She’s not coming home. Her contract has been extended. This annoys Lucy since Maxie was supposed to help her with the costumes. They try to tell him long distance relationships can work. Lucy remembers it didn’t pan out with Kevin. She runs away. Dante tries to reassure his friend.

Carly arrives at the court house. She bickers with Diane about her divorce demands but won’t back down. The lawyer thinks Carly is the only person who can save Sonny from himself. The blonde starts to sob and Diane suspects they’ve had a breakthrough. When Corinthos arrives, Carly notices his ring is gone. She says she wants to get this started. Her lawyer arrives. It’s Martina.

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