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Anna-necklace-GH-ABC-1 On the docks, Anna tells Valentin she bought the chimera necklace in part to symbolize the last project he stole for her, the Chimera Project. The two argue again about her betrayal. Valentin sees Anna is shivering, so he puts his jacket around her. Anna promises she didn’t order his death, and she prayed for his safety after leaving him a warning about the kill order. Anna cries that this necklace reminds her of the two hearts she broke the night he learned she had sold him out. Valentin needs to get going, but Anna’s ankle acts up, so he offers to drive her home. They get into Valentine’s car, which is dead, so Valentine calls for an Uber. While they wait, Anna brings up how the DBX was after the Chimera Project. Valentin reveals there were others interested in it, which prompts Anna to wonder if he sold it to someone else. The Uber arrives, so Valentine tells her it’s time for her to go.

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At their place, Jason and Sam discuss the hidden chimera drawing in Helena’s book. Jason knows it from somewhere and feels as if he was meant to see it.

Franco-Liz-kiss-GH-JJ At Liz’s place, Frank and Liz discover the monster Jake added to his timeline. Franco Googles and discovers the drawing is of a chimera. Liz gets a call from Jason, who says he knows this may sound crazy, but asks if Jake has been talking about a creature called the chimera. Liz suggests he come over immediately. Sam and Jason arrive later and they compare what they found in Helena’s book to Jake’s latest drawing. Franco worries with Jake’s birthday approaching that they may be running out of time to figure out what is going on. Jason agrees, but they are lost as to what it all means. Jason admits that Jake has a connection to Franco, and he hopes he does right by his son. Sam and Jason leave for the evening. Later, Franco tells Liz that he learned online the chimera often foreshadows disaster.

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Scott-Ava-court-GH-JJ Ava runs into Scott at the courthouse and tells him that it looks like she’s finally out of trouble with Morgan’s pills and she’s feeling optimistic for once. Scott suggest they go have some martinis and celebrate, but Ava wants Scott to help her get Avery back from Sonny given his marriage to Carly is over. Scott feels she’s misreading the situation because Sonny and Carly will always be loyal to one another where their kids are concerned, and he advises her not to stir the waters with Sonny again. When Scott invites her out for drinks, she accepts..

Carly-comforts-Joss-GH-ABC Carly is at the Metro Court when Joss approaches her with a permission slip for school. She brings up how she can’t get her dad to sign it given what Sonny did. Carly understands she’s upset and sends her to her office to get started on her school work. Joss leaves, and Sonny arrives to tell Carly about Morgan’s pills turning up during a robbery at The Floating Rib. He informs her that he had them analyzed and they are the proper medication. Carly doesn’t understand why the pills weren’t working for him. Carly gets a call from her lawyer and agrees to meet. She warns Sonny that he’ll be hearing from Diane soon because the lawyers want to meet to discuss dividing their assets. Sonny suggests they just both leave with what they brought into the marriage. Carly refuses because she already owns everything of his and she’s keeping it. As they argue, Joss interrupts and screams at Sonny that she can’t wait for her mother to divorce him. Carly sits Joss down and tells her that divorce sometimes brings out the worst in people, and that is all she is seeing now. Carly thinks it may be best if Joss spends the summer with her dad to avoid the ugliness of the divorce. Joss tries to convince her mom to come to Australia with her, but Carly tells her she’s not getting back together with Jax. She promises her daughter that she won’t get back with Sonny either. Joss has her doubts because her mom is still wearing her ring. Joss words strike a nerve.

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Sonny goes to The Haunted Star to drink and sits next to a mysterious woman (Martina Morales played by Daya Vaidya) at the bar. She strikes up a conversation with him and suspects his mood has to do with marital problems, pointing at his ring. He tells her he won’t be married for long, and offers to buy her a drink. She accepts, and reveals she’s in town on business and from LA. As they drink and talk, Scott and Ava walk in and spy Sonny with the woman.

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