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A sweaty and shirtless Nathan bumps into Anna as he jogs along the harborfront. She’s startled out of listening to her bug of Valentin and doesn’t recognize the cop. She claims it’s just her meds throwing her off and suggests he put a shirt on. After giving her an awkward hug, he leaves.

Nina wants Nelle to spy on Valentin-ABCNina and Valentin are at Crimson. She complains about having to find a replacement for Maxie and he flirts. As they make out, Nelle interrupts. “Harrumph,” he groans as he leaves. Nina asks Nelle to tear down the stairs and follow him. Nelle refuses. She encourages Nina to just ask him if he’s cheating on her. Nina keeps begging her to find the truth. Nathan drops by to see his sister as Nelle exits. They catch up and she tells her brother that she thinks she’s losing her husband to Anna. The cop thinks Valentin is bad news but Nina thinks he’s just confused. He encourages her to be careful.

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Ned tells Tracy the truth about Samira-ABCAt the Quartermaine estate, Tracy’s family is impressed when she agrees to let Samira have the painting. Ned thinks she should look at something first. The DNA test she got Finn to run. Tracy explains to everyone that she suspects Samira could be Edward’s daughter. The results show that Samira isn’t a relative. Ned takes Samira into the hall and offers her a check for $10,000 suggesting she take it and go. She claims she didn’t mean to hurt anyone and leaves. Soon, Larry arrives at his son’s behest but nearly runs away when he spots Tracy. She quickly guesses that Samira was working for Larry as part of a con. Ashton admits it. Ned explains the details that he unraveled. Tracy threatens him and sends him running. Ned’s impressed. Monica says Tracy can hang the painting in the den.

Sam and Jason discuss Jake-ABCAt home, Jason and Sam discuss Helena’s book. She has no clues but assumes it must mean something. Sam wonders if Jake has just been making things up as a way of acting out. Jason doubts it, sure that something must have happened in the two years he can’t remember. She hacks into the Crichton-Clark database for information. He was admitted in August 2014 so that leaves two blank years. Jason thinks he can remember Helena telling him he will never recall what happened on the island. She pours him some tequila. It accidentally spills on the book and reveals a drawing of a chimera (a creature with a lion’s head) that had been hidden.

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Franco tries to reassure Liz-JJAt Liz’s, she and Franco discuss what Helena might have planned for Jake. He tries to calm her fears and they discuss how to help him. Later, Jake plays videogames and they sit down with him to plan his birthday. Franco suggests they take a trip but the kid says he can’t and heads to his room to do homework. The adults analyze what just happened and then head to her room to distract themselves with sex. Meanwhile, Jake comes back downstairs and unrolls his drawing. He starts adding to it. He draws a chimera.

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Valentin finds Anna panting in a corner on the pier. She claims she has a sprained ankle and says she’s been thinking about him. He gets her some ice from a fishing schooner and she tells him how much she regrets what happened at the WSB. Nelle spies on them from behind a crate. Valentin insists that the past is over and they need to move on. He spots her necklace. Smiling, she asks him if it looks familiar. It has a chimera charm on it.

Nelle returns to Crimson and tells Nina that she followed Valentin but he was alone and went home alone. She’s got nothing to worry about.

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