Anna begs Valentin to hear her out when she arrives at Wyndemere. She remembers everything she did to him but she was a victim too. Valentin mocks Anna’s belief that Faison manipulated her. He implores her to share something intimate she remembers of the two of them. Anna recalls finding him sad at a church drop-site and taking him to a hotel to make love – his first time. She was supposed to kill him but he found the kill directive while she was in the shower. He ran and she was relieved, giving him two hours before she called her superiors. That night meant something to both of them. Anna takes Valentin’s hands.

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Scott arrives at Ava’s eager to know what the crisis du jour is. She got Morgan’s pills with her money but they were taken into evidence after the Floating Rib robbery. She’s certain it’s her first day of the end of her life. Scott advises Ava against claiming the pills and is certain there’s no way she’ll get into the evidence room. Ava suggests he can and promises to sell him out for being her accomplice all along. Scott leaves abruptly.

Dante’s surprised to see Lulu relaxed and smiling when she drops by the PCPD. She admits making a new friend, Nelle, who’s caring for Charlotte and is still interested in Michael. Dante asks Lulu to hold off on her hustle, concerned turning Nelle against Valentin could blow up in her face. He recommends she focus on her visit with Charlotte and avoid Nelle. Lulu won’t put all her hopes in Nelle, she needs every weapon possible to fight Valentin. She leaves and Dante goes to question a perp after checking in with evidence. Scott finds an officer outside evidence and tricks his way in. Dante finds Scott searching through the goods, so Scott lies about being the perp’s attorney. Outside evidence the perp, Chris (played by David Figlioli), doesn’t know Scott, who rushes off. Dante returns to evidence and finds Morgan’s pills.

Sonny suggests Nelle be more careful when she walks into him near Perks and he wonders why she’s still in Port Charles. Nelle doesn’t care if they believed her story and is sorry for what happened to Michael and Joss. Her anger rests with Carly and wonders if Sonny turns a blind eye to Carly’s selfishness or if he admires it. Thinking they deserve each other she hopes they continue to suffer. Sonny’s sure that she will be the one who suffers. Nelle’s not scared. She’s building a new life. Sonny’s happy for her, he doesn’t have to get his hands dirty. He knows Valentin won’t give a damn when it comes to her.

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At Kelly’s, Joss tells Michael that her grandmother died and she wanted to be with someone she loves while Jax spends time with Carly. She thinks it’s good since Carly will be divorcing Sonny. Michael points out that Carly hasn’t indicated she would. Talk turns to Nelle whom Joss misses as a friend. She’s more disappointed in Sonny for sleeping with Nelle. It’s not all black and white to Michael. Joss admits it’s the same way she feels about Nelle. Michael’s sure Nelle isn’t someone they should be around. Joss thinks he misses Nelle too and wonders who’s taking care of Michael while he’s taking care of everyone else. Michael leaves his phone behind as they head out.

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At home, Jax interrupts Carly’s ranting about Nelle saying, “I’m the one who bought Nelle’s kidney.” He was desperate and had no idea Frank would harvest his own daughter’s kidney. His reluctance to search for Joss’ donor makes sense to Carly now. She snaps, “Why the hell didn’t you tell me?” He would have but was surprised Nelle didn’t know. He’s sorry he hurt Carly and hopes she can forgive him. She regrets the damage done to Michael and Joss and hopes they can move on now that Nelle has her revenge. She doesn’t know if she can forgive Jax and has a lot to think about.

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Lulu surprises Ava with a visit at her penthouse hoping she can remember anything about Valentin. Ava agrees Valentin shouldn’t have custody of Charlotte but there’s nothing more she can recall of her time on Cassadine Island. As Lulu leaves, Ava warns that Valentin will kill anyone. Lulu should find his Achilles heel before he finds hers. Later, Scott returns. He couldn’t find the pills and thinks it’s Ava’s lucky day.

Michael returns to Kelly’s for his phone and calls Carly. Sonny overhears him mention Jax. Michael disconnects and claims Jax might be staying with Carly.

Jax thanks Nelle for meeting him at Perks and says, “You’re wrong about Carly.

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